Make Packing To Move Easier On You And Your Family

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Moving and be such a ROYAL pain, between packing, organizing, and the actual moving and unpacking. I’m honestly not sure which is the worst of all of it. I do get excited about the new start and finding new homes for everything. Once your home is all set up it was worth it and you forget about how much of a pain it was to move until you move again that is.

I have a system that I have started to use that helps me to be able to move a little easier and makes the packing less of a hassle, as well as the just relaxing and enjoying your new home. However, to get to that point you need to have an easier time moving. I like to make it as stress free as possible. It’s not always that easy but we will try to make it as simple as we can.

1. You can use boxes of course that you pick up from your local stores or other places but I love to use plastic containers that I pick up after the holidays or other times that they have them on clearance. The color doesn’t matter to me as they are just for packing and moving. You can purchase them really cheap and they always come in handy and stack inside of each other so they are easy to store without taking up much room so there is no need for stacks and stacks of boxes that you have to wait to recycle.

2. I use a paper and write #1 on them for each room. Those boxes will hold the most important things that you will need when you arrive at your new home.

A) Bathroom~ Towels, Shower Curtain, a baggie of shower needs such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, so that when your done moving you can take a shower and relax

B) Your Bedroom ~ Bedding, Pillows and a set of clothing for after your shower for you and hubby

C) Children’s Bedroom ~ Bedding, Pillows and a set of clothing for after their bath/shower Along with a backpack filled with their school needs if it’s during the school year or summer school

D) Kitchen ~ Plates, Pan, kitchen towels, crockpot, pot holder, utensils for cooking so that you can make your first meal in your new home. A Crockpot meal started in the morning in your new home would be perfect to enjoy while you relax from the move.

E) Living Room ~ Remote for T.v., DVD/Blu-ray player, pillows for couches, blackets for on the couches for a movie night while you relax

If you keep them organized with the #1 on them then you will easily find the boxes that you need and be able to unpack some things but not kill yourself searching all the boxes for what you need.

Then continue to number your boxes with the way that you want to unpack them so that it makes getting settled in so much easier for you and for the family. It will make moving so much easier when you do not have to search each box for things that you need. If you unpack them in the number order it will help you to have all your needs there before you need them.

Such as Box #2 for the kitchen would be your small appliances, so that you have your can opener, coffee maker, and anything else that you could need for making a meal. If you organize your move in this fashion you will be so much less stressed out. Happy moving!