Walt Disney World Resort Reunites Special Bear Back With It’s Family #DisneySMMoms #Disneyside #Disney

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If you have or have not visited Magic Kingdom or Walt Disney World, there are some magical events that take place inside their gates. You can meet some of the most amazing Disney Characters, ride some of the most radical rides, see a parade of your favorite characters, there is so much to see and do at all of the parks. You can be apart of a magical adventure.

Sometimes when you go home though you find that you have misplaced beloved friends, left behind your autograph book with all the characters signatures, or other items that really mean something special to you. It is amazing how Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom go out of their way to find those items for you and get them returned to you.

Brooklyn lost a bear, that was given to her by her father just before he was stationed in Iraq, he gave a bear to each of his children and each of the bears had a voice recording so they could feel closer to their father while he was away. Their father made it back home from being stationed in Iraq and then he suddenly passed away from a Heart Attack. So this bear meant a lot to the family, Walt Disney Resorts looked high and low and found Toby the bear and they did something that was just amazing, Toby the bear took a little adventure before returning home.

Toby visited many friends like the Country Bears Jamboree, had photo’s taken with his favorite characters, and so much more. Toby just needed a few more magical days at Walt Disney World Resorts by himself to have some more fun before returning home. It’s amazing how even after you have left Magic Kingdom or Walt Disney World the magic still continues to happen.

Our family also knows how this magic continues to happen. As many of you know that have been following us for a while, my son has a brain tumor. He received a magical wish from the Make A Wish Foundation, he wished to visit Magic Kingdom in Florida. It was a magical trip, where my family had the most amazing time thanks to Magic Kingdom and the Make A Wish foundation. It was a trip that our family will always remember and will always be near and dear to us. My children still talk about that trip to this day and how it was so special for our family. We look at our photo albums and take trips down memory lane.

It’s sometimes hard to look at those photo’s as well. It was a time we were not sure how long my son would be with us, how many memories we would be able to create together, how many magical moments he would remember. It was so wonderful to also almost forget our lives had been changed forever, that we could laugh, play and have fun without having to worry every minute of everyday. Magic Kingdom made it such an experience that we will never forget. We were there for a week, and the magic never stopped!

When our magical vacation was over it was time to go home, we were sad to leave the magic behind. I had purchased my children each a Autograph book for them to get the characters autographs during our stay. They were so excited about having their own books. The kids were filling them up fast and loving every minute of it. However, it must have been on our last day at Magic Kingdom my son’s book was dropped out of our stroller. Someone or an employee found the autograph book and before I even had time to unpack and notice that it was missing, it arrived in our mailbox from Magic kingdom. It was so wonderful to have back and my son was so excited to see all of the autographs that he worked so hard to get back. It meant more to my son and I then Magic Kingdom will ever know.

Photo credit to Disney Park Blogs