What Happens When You Try To Play Football With A Tree?

Jr. after his fight with the tree

It started out as a great fun weekend, the kids were looking forward to having fun with their friends, I was looking forward to making a few video’s for Instagram and doing some reviews with the kids. I had just started a review on a steam cleaner and I was steam cleaning our windows while the boys were playing football. I went and got my camera and I was taking some action shots of the kids playing. They were having a great time, throwing the football around, getting out some energy, everything was going well.

The kids were playing in our front yard which I normally don’t allow they are usually in the backyard playing. Since I was working on the review in the front yard, I allowed them to play there so I could keep an eye on them and their friends. I had just yelled at my son for running to the other side of the street to get the ball and told him to stay in our yard ONLY! The phone rang, so I went and got it I went back outside with the phone. The kids were playing fine, and having a great time. I go back inside to put the phone on the charger and come back outside again.

I see my youngest son on the ground and he is crying, he is of course on the other side of the street. So I figure he has tripped over the curb. When I looked at first he looked completely fine, then all the sudden I saw his forehead, it has a goose egg and it’s turning purple, I started to run and my heart is pounding. I asked his friend what happened and as I did, he starts to bleed a little bit from all the scraps. OMG! “What did you do???” he is now crying and his friend said “He ran into the tree.” I roll my eyes, help him up and tell him “Let’s go, time for an ER visit as his forehead is getting more and more black and blue and swelling up. My son is crying “I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!” so I call their dad and tell him change of plans you can’t pick them up we are going to the ER. Yes, he was suppose to pick them up to take them to a picnic within the next 10 minutes. So we meet at the hospital, take our son in, and his sister was helping our other son while I helped my little guy.

We get back into the room and they check him over and say everything looks okay, he is just going to be sore. I looked at my son and said “Are you now going to listen to Mom, when she tells you that you need to do something?” He looks at me and says “Well, at least for a week!” his dad and I start to laugh and both say at the same time “well at least for 2 days!”. lol and we started to laugh. There was no picnic that day for my poor little guy, instead it was Sofa City, relaxing movie night, me being a helicopter Mom, and some spoiling going on for them. I don’t think he will be playing football with a tree again anytime soon! It’s been 3 days and he is being very careful and listening to me when I tell him he will get hurt more then he normally would.

Moral of the story, children listen to your parents when they tell you not to do something because chances are they have already had those scraps and bruises and are trying to save you some pain! My son learned several lessons that day. He figured out one of the reasons we play in the backyard, there are to many trees in the front yard. That he should listen to me so that he doesn’t get hurt and have another ER trip. He did love the pampering and being able to cuddle up and sleep with Mom so that I could keep an eye on him. He was not a fan of being woke up all night to make sure he was okay. I don’t think he will be trying to play football with a tree again.