Why Should You Make A Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey For Thanksgiving?

Jennie-O oven ready Turkey

I received a Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey from Jennie-O to make for my family. When the Turkey arrived, I looked at the bag and wondered, how it could be oven ready and taste as good as the other Turkeys. I opened the bag and saw the turkey in another bag. I read the instructions, ready to go to work on the turkey and clean it and do all the normal processes for the turkey before cooking it.

I read the instructions and no, you do none of the normal steps to prepare the turkey! OMG! I think I’m already in LOVE with it! You simply cut a few slits in the oven bag, and place it in a pan and start the baking. Then I wondered, will it really taste like my other Turkey’s that I have made in the past? I only had to cook it for 4-6 hours and it would be ready when I usually cook my turkey all night long the night before Thanksgiving. So I have to say in all aspects I was curious as to how this turkey would taste and would it be moist as mine.

When the Turkey was done, it was cooked to perfection, the button popped up on the probe, but I still wasn’t completely sold. When I cut into the Turkey it looked moist and juicy. but the taste of the Turkey would be the final test. It was a golden brown, moist, and tasted delicious, Yes, I tested it before the family. They of course would have the final word, and I have some picky eaters!


When I served up their plates, everyone looked and smelled the Turkey, their first comment was that it didn’t look or smell like mine but when they took a bite, they were thrilled with the flavor. They said it was perfect, they just loved it. Everyone asked for seconds, that alone had me sold, when my family likes something they will of course eat it but when they really love it they come back for seconds!

Even if you have never made a turkey and it’s your first time, you can make Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey and impress all of your holiday guests. If your a pro at cooking Turkey, you will love the flavor, the time it saves you, and you can focus on other dishes that your serving with your delicious Turkey. It’s a complete thumbs up. Your family will love it as much as mine did. Happy Thanksgiving to you all a little early!

*Disclosure* I received the Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey to prepare for my family. So we could test it in our own kitchen and with my family. All opinions are those of my family and myself.