I Love Having The Perfect Life (Where Sanity Is No Longer An Issue) #MomLife #MomProblems #Family

ducks waddling

We all have “The perfect Life”, well in front of others we do and everyday the sun is shining, we are smiling, at least on the outside and life is grand. I have all my ducks in a row, those ducks are doing what they want when they want! and life couldn’t be any better!

Take this morning for example, I woke up, it was a relaxing morning woke up 10 minutes before my son had to be to school!, I casually woke my son up, grabbed clothes and threw them on him and had him brush his teeth and grab a granola bar! and we strolled out the door without a care in the world knowing he would be to school on time. Oh for the love of pete we have 2 minutes to be there! Good thing it’s a minute from the house! GO!GO!GO!

We arrived at school in plenty of time, Thank you for still being lined up and not heading into school! told my son to have a wonderful day and not to forget his backpack and that I loved him. always important to say “I Love You”! He was off to have a wonderful day at school! Thinking back I’m not sure his clothes matched, eh he is there to learn it will be okay!

I get home and of course it’s time for me to call my mom, to tell her to take her medicine. She forgets if I don’t remind her, she normally doesn’t take medicine. She takes her med while I’m on the phone with her after reminding her 3 times because she isn’t awake yet. She then asks me what I have going on today, and when I can come over. We went over my schedule last night, but she doesn’t remember. I tell her this afternoon that I have a little relaxing to do. have to run my daughter to get diapers for the princess, blog posts to write, clean the house, mow the grass, and some errands. Why Mom? Did you need something? I forgot we can’t say over the phone because it may be bugged, because they are dying to know what she needs from the store My mom tells me she will just tell me when I get to her house. She suffers from depression and paranoia so I just wait till I go there to see what she needs. I tell my Mom, not a problem I will be there as soon as I can and that I Love Her.

Ah, peace,quiet, and relaxation, Screaming two year old not wanting to go get her diapers at the store. She wants to watch Frozen and “Let It Go”! my idea of a good time! I look in the mirror and my hair is perfect! Yeah, it’s a HOT mess, please do not let me see anyone I know! I have my favorite jeans on comfy t-shirt Yep, I’m not wearing PJ’s it’s a miracle! and I’m ready for anything! which is a good thing in my insane life, because you NEVER know what is going to happen with my family! so I continue with relaxing. Where are those box fans at, I swear they are hiding them from me and it’s hot as heck in the house! Just taking a leisure stroll Haha! I found you box fans now to pay for you and the diapers and we are out of here! and clear my head a little. Yeah, like that’s possible! I have a mile long list to do today! It’s just such a beautiful day outside, I think I will enjoy it a little! That fast jog back to the car, to get onto the next errand.

I’m just basking in the sun, and enjoying the morning! Oh for the love of Pete I forgot to grab my son’s chips, so I will have to run to the store again! UGH! I just can’t get enough of this day and all it’s beauty. OMG! It’s only 10:00am, I swear it would have been at least 1pm already! I suppose I should get something done today right??? I still have a mile long list to do and I have already been to 4 stores! Calgon take me away! Eh, I have plenty of time, I can get a few things done! For everyone, as my children just added more to my list and I haven’t been to my mom’s yet to see what she needs yet either. Okay, I know I should be doing something today, so I better get off my butt, and get to it! Starbucks, or some kind of treat is on my list today right??? If it’s not it soon will be!

As you can see my ducks are just all lined up and quacking along in my perfect life!Oh, man…Hey you…Mr. you get back here! Don’t make me put you in time out…duck keeps waddling off! I just can’t get over how smooth things run along on a daily basis. Hey! Little duck, get over here before you fall in that hole! Your ducks can just magically be walking in a row just like mine just throw sanity out the window it’s over rated! I suppose I better get something done today so you all have a wonderful day and don’t forget to see how beautiful it is outside! Darn long list is calling my name again and my mom just called again! Better get a move on it! There go those darn ducks again!