Homeright Steam Machine Review


Have you always wanted a Steam Machine to make chores around the house easier? Were you worried it wouldn’t do the job that you needed? I know I have been in your shoes if your answering yes to these questions. I have tried compact vacuums, steam cleaners and other appliances and they just didn’t seem to hold a charge long, or they had other issues, such as you couldn’t use them long and you would have to refill them right away. I was disappointed by the products, and they didn’t do as they claimed.

So I was wondering if the would join the list of products that have failed in the past. When it arrived and I saw the size of it, I thought “Okay, it’s not going to work for long because it’s so small and where would you contain enough water to do a larger project?” I was WRONG, it offers a large holding tank for the distilled water that you add to the machine to get your jobs done. I was surprised at all the amazing attachments that come with the Steam Machine, there are attachments for everything you could Steam Machinewant or need to do. So I put a smile on my face after looking at all the great attachments and I wondered where to start first with my new lean mean cleaning machine! My brother had been complaining about his boat and that it needed to be cleaned. Since his birthday is coming up, I started there!

So I went to his house, filled the water into the large compartment and chose out my attachments that I wanted to use for this large task. I plugged in the Steam Cleaner and I was on my way! I have to say it worked GREAT! I removed all the grime off his boat easily and it was sparkling. I cleaned the windows with the squeegee attachment, I used the cloth cleaner for the floors on the sides of the boat and gently removed the grime. Since my brother comes home late at night and tired, I called him the next morning and asked him what happened to his boat? He went running outside to check on it, and said “who cleaned my boat, it looks AWESOME!” I told him it was me and my Steam Machine and Happy Birthday! He was so thrilled with the way the boat looked he told me that I am his official boat cleaner! lol I told him that he could BORROW my steam cleaner to clean it any time he wanted but that is his job.

P6060259 Yes, this is one of our GROSS windows before I steam cleaned it!

P6060261 The window after I steam cleaned it, looks GREAT! Loved cleaning them as well it was easy and fun!

The next day I was on a new mission with the Steam Cleaner, I cleaned all my windows inside and out, I cleaned my bathroom, stove, and then steam cleaned my floors in my kitchen and bathroom. I have to say that my new Steam Machine has me in OCD over drive! I can’t wait to clean the house now and play with the Steam Machine while making my house sparkle and I KNOW it’s clean! I was able to get into cracks and crannies that I’m not normally able to get into and get them cleaned easily. Yes, I am totally raving about the Steam Machine as it didn’t let me down and trust me between the boat and my house I put it to the test! If your looking for a great steam machine to tackle all your cleaning projects, for a great price, then Steam Machine is your cleaner!

**Disclaimer** I received the Homeright Steam Machine for this review, all opinions are those of my family and myself from using the product.