Why Is A Millionaire Hiding Cash For People To Find??? #Hiddencash #PayItForward #Chicago #NewYork #SanFrancisco


A Millionaire is leaving envelopes with $100 bills in different states and cities. How are people finding out about where they can find an envelope with cash??? If your in one of the lucky cities, you can find the clues on the #Hiddencash Hashtag or by following @Hiddencash on twitter to get the clues and follow them to an envelope with cash inside. There have been many people who have found envelopes with cash inside of them. This week the hidden cash is being found in Chicago! I’m hearing that next month it may be found in New York City! So if your in New York you may want to head over to start to follow Hidden Cash to get the clues. I’m an hour away from where the cash is being found in Chicago….will I go head to the Windy City to find an envelope??? No, I won’t be taking part in the event.

Why is this Millionaire leaving envelopes and clues for people to find??? What is the main purpose of this chasing down of money??? I’m sure that it’s entertaining and exciting for the millionaire to see people finding it. However, reading through his tweets, it seems like he/she is on a larger mission with this race for cash. This millionaire wants the people who find the cash to “Pay It Forward” with their new found wealth. I think it’s a great message, a great way to help people to pay it forward as well. The Millionaire is actually doing a walk by at times to see if the envelope is still there and letting the followers know it’s still available. One person donated some old Sweaters and found the envelope of cash that was hidden. The Millionaire just requests a photo of you with the envelope so that he/she can tweet it out for the followers to know it’s been found. Then will ask the person who found it to pay it forward to at least one person.

I believe that the Millionaire has a large heart and would like to keep the chain of Pay It Forward going to make our world a better place with this event. There are many who have tweeted that he/she should do other things to make this world a better place like stopping the envelopes and building a homeless shelter or other suggestions. However, I’m sure that with the big heart that they have, they are already doing things like this to make the world a better place. So today or this coming week even if your not in an area where you can find one of the cash envelopes, be sure to pay it forward and tweet to @Hiddencash how you made someone else’s day better. It’s a great concept that we should be following on a daily basis even without envelopes of cash and clues. Buy someone a coffee, their lunch, if a restaurant has reserves for homeless for a cup of coffee or lunch purchase one so they can have a meal. Help someone you don’t know in some small or large way, you could turn their bad day into the best day. You never know what someone else is going through so be kind, smile, and lend a helping hand to make this world a better place.

We have a winner!! @shychiguy found 1st #HiddenCash Well done! Hopefully you’ll use some of it 2 brighten sum1 elses day