PulsePoint App Could Save Your Life During A Heart Attack #Health

pulsepoint App

Even if you haven’t had a heart attack in the past, or if you have had a heart attack it’s a good idea to get the PulsePoint App on your Phone. You never know when you could have one and need help or be with someone else and they have a heart attack and need CPR if help with arrive on time. PulsePoint App sends out an alert to qualified CPR trained people that are close in your area that could help during your heart attack until help arrives.

It’s easy to download the Pulsepoint app and it’s available for Android with google play, iTunes, and others as well you can just search PulsePoint on your apps and download it. The people who respond are trained in CPR and could be health Care Professions that come to your aid. When the button on the app is pushed to alert that someone is having a heart attack, it sends out alerts to those in your area and gives them a map directly to you. It is normally to someone who is within a very short distance from where you are. Their phone will get beeps to let them know that someone is in trouble and needs their help and shows a map like the photo below to show how to get to you quickly.

pulsepoint map

It’s also a great idea to add it to your parents phones as well in case they have one and at the click of a button the closest help will arrive for them. There is no down side to having this app on your phone. The app has actually saved lives and gotten people the help that they needed during a heart attack. I will be adding this app to my own Father’s phone today so that if something happens he can get the help that he needs. I am always on the lookout for things that will keep our family members safe and able to get them help when they need it most. Please be sure to add it to the phones of loved ones and explain what it can do for them so in an emergency they will be able to get the help they need.