Have You Ever Wondered Why You Don’t Get Much Sleep At Night? #NeedSleep #Sleep #AD #Insomnia

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Have you ever woke up and wondered why you felt like you haven’t slept? Is this feeling something you suffer from a lot? Do you want to find out why you are having this feeling or sleep pattern? The MotionX 24/7 can help you with finding out why your not sleeping well or what your doing while your sleeping, are you talking, snoring or apnea habits in your sleep? The MotionX 24/7 will be able to tell you and you can actually hear if your snoring or have Apena habits as well. MotionX 24/7 Boasts a noise detection that will record the sounds so that you can hear exactly what your doing when you sleep. I’m amazed by this as I have always been curious what I do when I sleep. So it was very interesting to learn that I talk in my sleep and that I move around a lot while I’m sleeping, so my sleep is broken up because of these things that I do.

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The 24-7 MotionX will monitor your daily activity to see when your moving, what your heart rate is when your awake, with personalized “Get Active” alerts and personal goals used to encourage frequent activity breaks. Users simply carry their iPhone in their purses or pockets as usual and 24/7 accurately tracks steps taken and calories burned throughout the day. Then it monitors you at night to tell you how your moving, your heart rate, if your talking, snoring, or if you have apnea habits as well. So your receiving tips on how to make your day better and how to rest well. The app is meant to help you have a healthier lifestyle and improve your bodies needs at the same time.


I have to say you receive a lot of information about your body and how to help it from the 24-7 MotionX. It also tells you how many calories you burn during the day and how many steps you have taken, which will help you with weight loss. This little app is packed full of information that can only make you feel better and get a better nights rest. You can download the MotionX 24/7 to your iPhone and start to monitor yourself right away. The best part is you can monitor yourself with MotionX 24/7 for only $.99! I have to say it is so worth that and MORE with all the information that you receive about yourself and how to improve your health at the same time.

*Disclosure* This post is sponsored by MotionX 24/7 but all opinions are my own from using the app