Scrabble, Candyland,Guess Who Chocolate Games Review #Games

Chocolate Games

Are you trying to get your children to play more board games? Have more family fun? I received the Scrabble, Candyland
, Guess Who
, and Monopoly
Chocolate Games to Review. I was really wondering how you could play a game with Chocolate as part of the game. I have also been trying to get my oldest son to play more board games with us.

I saved the game till after dinner to play with the kids. I told them we were going to play a board game together. My older son went right into his “I’m not going to play!” so I looked at him and said “Oh, that’s to bad” then looked at my younger son and said “Looks like more Chocolate for us!” My older son perked up and said “Chocolate? Okay, I will play”. lol So I set up the board and put the spinner together for Monopoly. We sat down and we were ready to play after I read the instructions. I was amazed at how easy the game is to play, it’s a shorter game then the actual Monopoly game!

We started to play and my son’s were having a great time! We all had chocolate in front of us, the rule is whatever chocolate you receive from the game it’s YOURS to eat! Ultimate way to get kids to play the game and all ages can play it’s that easy! We played and were laughing and having a great time. At the end of the game, I had the kids count how much chocolate they had in front of them. My older son had the most chocolate. So I changed the rules a little bit, I told them they could each have two pieces of Chocolate and we would put the rest back in the container that holds them.

I have to say at first they were not excited about my rule change. lol However, I told them if we did that we could play again tomorrow! At that point they were all excited and took their two pieces each and put the rest of the chocolate back where it was suppose to go. So today we will be playing again to see how much chocolate they can win tonight. Tonight I will let them eat all their chocolate as we will be picking up more of these great games and I will be giving them as gifts this holiday season as it’s so much fun for the whole family to play. Your chocoholics are going to love it on your Christmas shopping list! You will be able to find them in your local stores by the games and toys.