Grab The Gold Gluten Free Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bar Review @grabthegold #GrabTheGold #GlutenFree

Grab The Gold

I can honestly say that I normally do not review energy snack bars. Why? Because I normally am not a fan of them and my family is not as well, so I have a tendency to steer away from them. When I was contacted about Grab The Gold, I was going to keep steering. However, I agreed to try them but I still had that nagging feeling when I did. You know that little voice in the back of your head that says “Why? Did you really just say Yes, to try them?” I was leary about the Grab The Gold Gluten Free Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bar when it arrived.

When the bars arrived I opened the box and looked at them, I then set them on the table. My son came into the room and asked me “What are these Mom?” I told him they are snack bars. He asked if he could have one, so I said Sure. I opened if for him and he sat down. Now I have to say this is my picky child that usually is not a fan of a LOT of things, and has not been a fan of Protein Energy Snack Bar, cereal bars and many other things. Which is why I normally do not use his opinions in my reviews because he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO picky. I acted like I was doing something in the kitchen so I could see his reaction. He not only LOVED the Grab The Gold Gluten Free Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bar but he requested another one! So at that point I had to join him in trying one, and they were like no other Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bar we had ever tried.

We received the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavored Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bars. They were creamy, great flavor, filling, and I had the whole family try them and I was amazed as they all loved them. You have to understand that our family rarely all agree that we like something. Then for it to be a Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bar we were all shocked with the favor, the texture was wonderful, it was a great snack for the kids and for myself as well. We are completely sold on Grab The Gold Gluten Free Balanced Protein Energy Snack Bar and will be purchasing more. They are great for snacks, when your on the go or anytime. They do taste like a no bake cookie but have healthy ingredients and are gluten free as well. If your looking for a great Protein Energy Snack Bar then Grab The Gold!

Grab The Gold Snack Bars are Vegan, Gluten Free, No High Fructose Syrups, Dairy Free, Zero Trans Fats, and is High in Fiber. Your whole family is sure to love Grab The Gold as much as my family did! They are now available in 50 New Stores, so be sure to find Grab The Gold near you or you can order on Grab The Gold and have them shipped to you as well. If your active in Running, exercising, or other activities your going to want to be sure to Grab The Gold, so you can keep going.