Getting Started With The Microsoft Lumia 830 Cell Phone #LumiaSwitch #TeamWolfe @LumiaUS #Recap

Lumia 830

We are participating in the #LumiaSwitch program, it’s a 6 week long project. This week we are learning about how to switch our contacts over to the Lumia and set up our Lumia phones. I did not have a cell phone before, (I know, how could I not have a cell phone!) so I did not need to transfer all of my contacts over to the Lumia. However, I was curious about how easily I could figure out how to do it, so I did play around a bit trying to figure it out. I found the process be fairly simple to make the transfer within just a few clicks you would have all your contacts at your finger tips.

my contacts

I love the screen size of the Microsoft Lumia 830. It definitely doesn’t hurt that the screen is clear, bright, and everything is very easy to find. My favorite feature so far without a doubt is Cortana! I’m not sure how I’ve lived without this feature till now! Wait, yes I do, I had a ton of pieces of paper in my purse and coat to remind me what I needed to do so I made sure everything was done! I now have NO papers in my pockets or purse as Cortana reminds me of my lists, appointments and more. I am in love with Cortana and I do not see me going back to paper lists!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, all my little ducks are in a row! Cortana also lets me know about great places to eat, visit, also about the news.

cortana 1

I just love the sleek feel of the Lumia 830, it’s has so many great options for everyone in the family from teens to adults. The options available on the phone range from transferring your contacts, to Cortana, social media apps, GPS system, Skype, the men will love the sports, Mobile T.v. and so many other options. I can not wait to start playing around with the app store finding those apps suitable for my needs. I can see my children trying to steal my phone so they can see how easy it is and what they can do with it.

Stay tuned to find out more about the Lumia 830 and all it’s features. I will be sharing more useful information with you as I learn more about the Lumia 830 with my team. We will all be sharing our experiences of using the Lumia 830 and the features we like and the features we are maybe not so fond of as well.

Disclosure: I received the Lumia 830 in exchange for taking part in the #LumiaSwitch. All opinions of the Lumia 830 are my own from using the phone. No matter if opinions are positive or negative they are my own opinions of the Lumia 830.