funny Monkey Review Plus 20% Off Till 12/15

Funny monkey

The Funny Monkey is just so stinkin cute! If you have a child that loves monkey’s they are going to love the Funny Monkey! He is just so adorable with his bib and banana that he has to have! I just love how soft his fur is and he is so cuddly so he is perfect for ages 1 and up, they will just fall in love with him. My son and my granddaughter just love monkeys. Everything has to be with a monkey when they were little and my granddaughter still has to have monkey’s.
They can take their Funny Monkey with them anywhere they want to go and he is a perfect nap friend. The kids will figure out that when they take his banana away from him that he is not a fan of it and would like it back. The monkey will start to oooo and ahhhhh till he gets his banana back. It’s so adorable! On his bib it says don’t take my food! So it’s a clear warning to the children that he would like his banana returned to his hand.
Now, I just love the monkey and my son and Granddaughter both love it as well. It’s really just adorable! The kids will just love to play with it. My granddaughter takes it everywhere with her and everyone always asks where they can get one! Monkey themes for babies are all the rage right now so it would also make a great baby shower gift!

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