Turn Your Toilet Paper Rolls Into An Art Caddy #DIY #BackToSchool #HolidayFun #Crafts

How great is this! I am going to be making two of them with my son’s so they each have one! You can turn your empty toilet paper rolls into this great Art Caddy. It’s so easy for the kids to make and would be great for their organizing as well. I love that they can personalize it to anything that they would like as well.

Make Thanksgiving Easier! Have A Thanksgiving Dish Swap #Thanksgiving #MealsMadeEasy

Wish you could make Thanksgiving a little easier on yourself??? Does all the cooking and cleaning prep have you dreading Thanksgiving??? I think we should make it a little easier on you and your friends! Why not have a Thanksgiving Dish Swap! Does your friend make a dish that you would love to serve for Thanksgiving??? Does another make a dessert that is to die for???? Do you have one that shouldn’t be cooking at all???? You can all contribute to an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner and even the picky eaters will find something they will love!

Get 10 friends together to do a Thanksgiving Dish Swap, then decide which of their famous dishes that each of them will be making so that you have a great variety of everything for your Thanksgiving table, Stuffing, veggie trays (those that can’t cook), Yams, Desserts, Appetizers, Pumpkin logs and other needed items, don’t forget the Punch (Another who can’t cook). Then have them each make it for the 10 households, it can be easy but delicious dishes that you would love to have on your tables. Then get together the day before Thanksgiving and swap dishes so that all your prep is done! Just bake everything and your dinner is done! Everyone is having a delish meal and will be in a Turkey Coma but still ready for left overs! You can even use throw away pans so that you don’t have to worry about who has your favorite dishes!

Everyone will cook their own Turkey, Ham or other dish as their main course but all the side dishes will be made with love from everyone. Imagine the 10 dishes with your delish meals and you only had to create one of them and still have a great variety!

Protect Your Favorite Tablecloth From Thanksgiving Stains #Thanksgiving


Do you have a favorite tablecloth that you use for holidays? Keep it protected from holiday stains of Gravy, Cranberries, Red Wine and more. Be sure your tablecloth is ready for your guests. Children can spill things on accident as well as adults and it can leave you wondering how to get the stains out. Be ready this holiday season for any stains that come your tablecloths way by pretreating it. Just spray it with fabric protector 24 hours before your Thanksgiving guests arrive, allow it to dry and your tablecloth is ready for anything that comes it’s way. It will keep the stains from setting into the fabric and they will easily wash out.

Free No Sew Little Girl TuTu Instructions #DIYTuTu #Halloween

I thought that some of you would like to make your little angel a TuTu that is no sewing involved. They are really big right now with the girls so I wanted to give you a no sew option. Here are the instructions for making the No Sew Little Girl TuTu.

New Twist on Baked Apples Recipe #Apples #Recipe

I have to say that we love baked apples here in so many different recipes, Apple Pies, Apple Dumplings, Apple Fritters and the list goes on. However, when we want something on a cold night to warm us up, and still have a great treat. I make these apples as a treat for the kids. It’s a big hit with them!

10 baking Apples peeled, cored and cut into slices
1/3 cup Red Hot Candies (get on sale or at the Dollar Bill store)
3 Tablespoons water
Large Pan for cooking

After Washing, peeling Coring and cutting the apples up put them in the pan with the rest of the ingredients on a low heat on the stove top. Keep stirring till the red hot candies melt and the apples are soft. Place in bowls and eat. You can top with ice cream if you would like for an extra special treat. These are so good! I make these several times a year for the kids, then we sit and watch a movie together while we eat them. The apples will turn red from the red hot candies and have a heavenly scent to the house as well so your doing double duty. lol Hope your family enjoys them as much as ours does. 🙂

Make Your Own Ice Table To Keep Potatoe Salad, Pasta Salad, And Fruits Cold For Parties #Food #Party

I have built my own Ice Tables for Parties, they work great and keep everything cold for BBQ’s, Graduation parties, baby showers and anything else that you need. You can also make them foldable to bring with you anywhere. The cost of the Ice tables retail are around $260 or more but you can make your own for about $40 or less. Here is how I made mine, I don’t have a picture of mine anymore so I can’t show you the finished product but trust me it works great! Here is what I did to make the Ice table, that we used for many years.

* A Foldable Banquet Table that I received from Freecycle.org
* Scrap Wood the length of the sides of the table (Possible Freecycle.org as well)
* Screws

I took the scrap wood and screwed them into the top of the table so that it gave it higher sides on the top of the table. I screwed all the sides together so that it all came together to be a solid table. I then took a plastic table cloth from Dollar Bill in the color of the party theme and placed it inside the table. The Table Cloth would go over the whole table and cover the sides so that people could not see them. You then fill it with ice and place your items that need to stay cold in the ice. They will stay cold for hours for the party, if out of the sunlight the ice will last longer and you won’t have to worry about if you need to refill the ice. For Cleanup just take the food out tip the table and the ice and water will water the grass for you. Then you just fold the table up and put it away for the next party.

Irish Cream Push Pops for St. Patrick’s Day

These Irish Cream Push Pops are perfect for after dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. They look amazing and are easy to make, they will think you slaved over them to make them.

If you do not have the Push Pops you can purchase the Push Pop Containers with Lid 12 ct. Clear Plastic Push up Pops for only $19.99 Shipped. They come in handy for many events and different goodies you can make.

Free Mr. & Mrs. Frosty Crochet Pattern #Christmas #Handmadegift

I thought they were just so adorable! So I wanted to post them as I thought that Mr. & Mrs. Frosty.

These adorable Mr. & Mrs. Frosty will make the perfect home decorations for holiday. You could also use them in a beautiful gift basket for the holidays. There are so many ways that they would be just beautiful. I think they would be great sitting in the window for everyone to enjoy. However you use them I’m sure that they will bring so much joy to everyone for the holiday season.