Fitivities Game Review


Fitivities is a new game on the scene, a game that helps the family get up and have fun getting some exercise in. You could play it for family game night, during the winter when it’s harder to get outside and exercise, or just to have fun with the family. You can play with several players so if you have people visiting they can go on a team as well and you will all still be able to play and have fun.

There is a board, dice, shoe game pieces and a spinner that you use to play the game. This game is great for all ages to play and a great way for the family to get exercise without them realizing that they are exercising. My older son I have a problem with getting him up and doing his therapy that he should be doing at times. So Fitivities has made it so much easier to get him up and exercising without him realizing that he is actually getting the exercise that he needs. I also love that it helps my younger son who is ADHD to get out some of his extra energy as well. My granddaughter’s are learning as we play as well, and it helps me get the exercise that I need as well because right now it’s to cold to go out for walks and other outdoor activities. So Fitivities is perfect for the whole family.

Fitivities will have you getting up and having fun while your exercising. Make Fitivities apart of your game days and it’s the perfect way to exercise and lose weight in a fun way as well.

* Disclosure* I received the Fitivities game to review, all opinions are those of my family and myself