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Family-Friendly Gardening Tips2

When it comes to having a garden it is best that you get the whole family involved. The heavy
lifting of bags of soil and turning the soil can be regulated to the guys in the family. You can also do this as well, just make sure to do the grunt work in steps so you will not strain yourself or cause an injury. Here are some family-friendly gardening tips that will entice the whole family to participate.

1. Have Family Members Choose a Favorite Plant/Vegetable- Family members can choose one of their favorite plants or vegetables. By doing so, they can also enjoy the beauty of the garden and watch as the growth progresses. If you have a particular color theme planned express that to them before they make their choice in a plant. Plant flowers in one section and vegetables or herbs in another section to make weeding and harvesting easier.

2. Get Some Family-Friendly Gardening Tools- Purchasing some family-friendly gardening
tools will surely gain favors among your family. Young children need tools that they can
lift and work with, not ones that are a burden to work with. Kids’ garden gloves and
watering cans make a good choice.

3. Reward Them with a Barbecue- When the warm weather approaches it is time for lighting the barbecue. Reward family members for their gardening efforts with a delicious barbecue. It will give them the incentive to work on weeding and other gardening chores when called upon.

4. Make Compost- Get the family involved in making compost. Coffee grounds are excellent in improving soil conditions. Vegetable parings will provide the soil and plants with fresh compost and also be a food source for garden creatures such as worms. Earthworm castings are very beneficial to your garden.

5. Explore Nature- While getting the whole family involved in your gardening efforts; make
sure to take time to explore nature while working in the garden. Take notice of the birds, the bees, and other insects that stop in to visit or live in the garden soil.

These family-friendly gardening tips will peak the interest of all family members. Young children
love to visualize and explore, so make sure that you give them plenty of opportunity to do so.
Having a section of the garden for flowers, and another section for vegetables and herbs will
benefit the whole family. Meals will be much tastier with produce and herbs from your very
own garden and you will save money as well.