Dune Jewelry: Inlet Cuff Bracelet Review #Jewelry #Beach

 photo DuneSandJewelry.jpg

If you love the beach, were married on a beach, or have wonderful memories on a beach that you would like to remember. Dune Jewelry offers beautiful jewelry that you can have customized to your favorite beach. The sand is added to your jewelry by Dune’s Jewelry from all your favorite beaches. I chose to have sand from the Key West Beach in Florida to my jewelry as it has a special memory for me of my grandparents that have passed away. We use to go to Key West Beach every year when I was a child while visiting my grandparents so it brings back my favorite childhood memories.

I received my Inlet Cuff Bracelet and it did bring back all the memories of my childhood, it has not left my wrist since it arrived. You can wear your jewelry with casual wear or even if your dressing up it is very versatile. Dune Jewelry has a process that the sand goes through before it is placed into your piece of jewelry, the sand is first cleansed, layered and then it is polished, all before it is added to your beautiful piece of jewelry. You can chose to send in the sand you would like to be added to your piece of jewelry as well. If you have collected it from your favorite beach and would like it added so that you can wear it and imagine your there all the time. It’s a great way to bring a little piece of your favorite spot with you anywhere that you go.

Dune Jewelry offers bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms, cuff links, key chains, Tie bars, rings for men and women, and countless other pieces that you will fall in love with. It would make the perfect anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or other gift occasions. They will love that you thought of those special times you spent together and wanted to capture those memories in a jewelry piece that they can keep with them forever.