Do You Have Your Children’s Birthday Parties Together?


We are having my son’s birthday parties together this year. I use to have them together for my daughter’s and they were not a fan. However, this year has been so crazy with family things that it just wasn’t possible to have two separate parties for them. So we are having their birthday party at Sky Zone so there will be plenty of room for both the boys to have their space and have their friends with them. So I figure they will both do their own things and be just fine. They will have a great time, be wore out, and spent time with friends and family. I love that there will be NO mess at my house to clean up! OMG! First time in a long time that that is going to happen! lol

I’m curious though do you normally put your children’s birthday parties together or do you have them separate and why? Is it normally a party at home or do you have it somewhere else?

This is their first party together, so we will see how it goes as my younger son is a little competitive so I may have to wrangle him in a little bit so that my older son can shine as well. My older son is pretty quiet, where my younger son is not, he is very HERE I am. lol So I’m trying to figure out how this will work before the party. I may just play it by ear and just make sure everyone is having a great time. I love that Sky Zone will accommodate my son who is special needs as well as my son that is a daredevil so it’s the perfect place for both of the boys and their friends and our family.

I was just curious how everyone else has birthday parties for their children. If you do them together if both children like it or they both wish they had their own. Also what is the cap on what you spend on your child’s birthday party? We have done them all different ways from at home to at a place or park. I find it interesting how others do them as well and it always helps to get ideas from others as well. Be sure to comment in case other parents are wondering as well.