Deco Plates, Serve Your Family In Personalized Style For The Holidays Review @safe2microwave

Deco Plate 1

Have you heard of Deco Plates? They are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, oven-safe and free of formaldehyde, which is present in melamine. Deco-Plate combines state-of-the-art digital imaging with a revolutionary new plastic resin technology to create the world’s first on-demand customized dinnerware. I received a personalized serving tray which I personalized with the saying “Home Is Where The Heart Is….” and I received a plate that says “Ways to my heart.. 1. Buy Me Food, 2. Make Me Food, and 3. Be Food.” They came out just so adorable! I used them for our Thanksgiving get together and I received so many compliments on them both. I just loved how fast they arrived and how perfect they were with the personalization as well.

I was not aware that formaldehyde was put into the melamine and I’m sure that many of you are not aware as well. I have a friend who is allergic to formaldehyde so of course I told her about these beautiful plates and trays so that she can use them daily in her home without having to worry about allergy reactions. They are a very sturdy tray and plate, very well made and I love that they are microwave safe as well. They were a perfect addition to our Thanksgiving meal as well. I placed Turkey designed cupcakes on the tray and Cookies on the plate. They were just perfect and our guests loved the sayings on the plates as well. I also loved that you can personalize the plates with so many different items, from photos to sayings that you love.

Your going to love having Deco Plate and the turn around on the plate and Tray even with personalization was quick! They would also make an amazing Christmas or Holiday gift, that foodie in your life will just LOVE having a plate with “Chef and their name” or a favorite food saying on their plate. Don’t forget they would be perfect for your get together, football Sunday, Summer cookouts and so much more! Your going to love Deco Plate as much as I did. I already have some more plates and trays that I want to have made for gifts for this holiday season. Let your creativity make an amazing gift for even that hard to buy for person on your Christmas shopping list!

*Disclosure* I received a serving tray and plate for this review, all opinions are those of my family and myself