How Can $1.50 Get Your Whole Family Laughing???


It amazes me what little you can spend to have hours of laughs with your family. My daughter was at work and they delivered a new Candy Gum ball machine with mustache stickers in them on one said. They were $.25 each so my daughter purchased 5 of them, one for each of us.

So she had each of us pick a number between 1-5 and that was the moustache we each received. When my son first opened it he said “Oh, YAY! It’s a Chocolate fortune cookie!” we all started to laugh as we knew what they were already. So he fully opened it up and said “A Sticker Mustache even better!”

crazy mustache

We were laughing so hard all night long, taking crazy photo’s like the ones above and switching mustaches with each other so we all had a different look. It’s cheap entertainment for $1.50 and the memories that you can make with your family will last for a lifetime. I also like to call the photo’s that do NOT include me blackmail photo’s for when my children have a boyfriend or girlfriend and I get to take out all our fun family photo’s and show them to them.

So while your out shopping don’t forget to check the bubble gum machines for fun adventures with your family that will build lasting memories.