Make Candy Bouquets Like a Pro – Free How-to Instructions #DIY #CandyBouquet #Valentine’s Day #Gift

You can make a great Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet. I have found this cute Candy Bouquet that you can easily make for Valentine’s Day. If you can’t find the perfect gift or you like to make your own gifts to give this Candy Bouquet will be the perfect gift idea. I also love that you can choose their favorite candy to use to make it. When you have them made they use the candy that they have chosen and they may not all be ones that they will like. You can also use the colors to decorate it the way you would like to. If your on a limited budget you can use Candy and decorations for it from Dollar Tree as well to cut the cost of making it. It’s sure to please your Valentine!

Start Your Holiday Shopping And Save! #Ad #HolidaySeason #Christmas


If your a procrastinator or you start your shopping early we will show you how to get the most for your money! It’s always important to save while getting all the things you would like to for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Sometimes, it can be difficult with high price tags for some of the items that the people on your shopping list would like. However, Groupon Coupons can help you save on all your holiday shopping.

There are coupons available for all your favorite stores! Isn’t it perfect timing to start your Holiday Shopping so that you won’t be running around crazy during the whole holiday season. I have already started my shopping a couple of months ago, this way I can slowly do it and find some great deals. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great deal! You can find coupons for all of your favorite stores like:


* Aeropostale
* Babies R US
* Bed Bath & Beyond
* Bloomingdales
* Macy’s
* Target
* Things Remembered
* Zale’s


Gifts You can Ship
* Edible Arrangements
* Omaha Steaks
* Omaha Steaks

* Seaworld Parks
* Travelocity
* Orbitz

You will be able to find everything from tickets to concerts, gifts that you can ship, travel arrangements and entertainment, to everything on your holiday shopping list. There are coupons available for so many stores that I couldn’t list them all as there are 100’s of stores that you can save at. Your sure to find all the gifts that you would like for everyone on your list and then some for you for all your hard work saving. 😉

I have already started finding all the coupons that I would like to use for the gifts that I want to purchase still. Don’t forget your also able to get some great deals on SeaWorld if your traveling, Travelocity for hotels and traveling tickets, as well as many other great deals. Why not save money on your traveling, there is no need to pay full price ever.

I also need to send some gifts to my sisters who live out of state so Groupon is making it easy to save and get them great gifts as well. It’s so easy to save as well that anyone can do it! So make sending holiday gifts to friends and family easy and they will love when it arrives to them. I mean edible arrangements has some of the best fruit available! (Don’t forget the chocolate dipped! Pure heaven!) The Omaha Steaks would be the perfect gift for anyone on your Holiday Shopping list! It really doesn’t get any easier or better then these.

Betty Crocker Free Recipes, Coupons, And Free Samples

Betty Crocker offers a lot of great freebies, coupons and recipes. You can sign up to receive a freebie a month from Betty Crocker, each month they will email you about when the freebie will be available. You sign up and then you will receive it in the mail. They are always great freebies, cereals, Hamburger Helper and other freebies. You can print out coupons for all your favorite Betty Crocker recipes to save on the meals you prepare. They also will email you recipes of great new meals that you can make for your family using Betty Crocker products. So that you can keep your meals fresh and exciting for your family. All of these great perks can be received when you sign up for their free email newsletter. It’s easy to sign up for and it’s a wealth of information for you.

**HOT** Toy Coupons For Easter!

$5.00 off one (1) NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow$5.00 off one PLAY-DOH Playsets: Double Desserts$5.00 off Captain America Stealthfire Shield

There is a whole list of hot new coupons that just came out for toys and games for Easter. If there is a game or toy your child has been wanting grab the coupon now because they usually don’t last long. Your able to print two of these great coupons. I will work up some deals for you on the coupons to make Easter a little better with these savings!

$5.00 off one (1) NERF Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow
$5.00 off one PLAY-DOH Playsets: Double Desserts
$2.00 off any STAR WARS 12-inch figure from Hasbro
$2.00 off $7.99 or more HASBRO MR. POTATO HEAD toy
$5.00 off one (1) EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven
$3.00 off Furreal Friends Snuggimals Walkin Ponies
$2.00 off Marvel Captain America Super Soldier
$5.00 off any SCATTERGORIES game from Hasbro
$2.00 off any CLUE or GUESS WHO? game from Hasbro
$2.00 off CHUTES AND LADDERS game from Hasbro
$3.00 off any MONOPOLY game from Hasbro
$2.00 off one CONNECT 4, SORRY! or Trouble
$5.00 off MOUSE TRAP or CHASIN’ CHEEKY game
$3.00 off TWISTER SKIP-IT game
$3.00 off any Disney Princess game from Hasbro
$2.00 off TITAN HERO SERIES figure from Hasbro

$5.00 off $19.99 Sesame Street Toy Purchase

$5.00 off total SESAME STREET toy purchase

There are a lot of great Sesame Street toys out there and available. You can snag this great $5.00 off $19.99 Sesame Street Toy Purchase. It would be a great coupon for the Potty Training Elmo, LOL Elmo and other great sesame street toys. It’s a great time to get stocked up for Birthday presents or start to Christmas Shop for next December or Easter.

What I Learned About A Blogger’s Life

girl working on computer photo Girlworkingoncomputer.jpg

In the insanity of the past couple of weeks, I learned some things, that maybe I didn’t want to realize before. I was always going full speed ahead and my schedule was always insane. Between caring for my parents, taking care of my children, cleaning the house, taking care of my grandchildren for my daughter’s, Dr’s visits, blogging and the million other things that I do. Yes, that is really just some of the things that I do, besides a long list of others that I’m leaving out so that the list is not a mile long.

I have been busy really since as long as I can remember, there is always something going on that needs my attention. However, since Thanksgiving it has been my parents that have needed me the most due to my Step-Dad being really sick. He was in and out of the hospital, and just could not feel better. So I started to take time away from Blogging to help with all their needs after Christmas, it was something that needed to be done. I was still posting just not as much as normal. Then January rolled around and it wasn’t looking good, they were going to either send my step-dad to a nursing home or home on hospice. He never wanted to go to a nursing home and I opted to bring him to my home on hospice so that I could care for him. My mom had the same flu/virus that he had so he couldn’t go home due to her being sick. So I brought him home and he was home two days before passing away. I have to say that I am happy that I brought him home to be with family and spend as much time with him as we could before he passed.

However, this really opened up some new questions for myself. While I was away taking care of family matters, I really started to think about my life, my families life, and many other aspects of our lives. It really made me think about what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted my life and my families to go from here.

I learned that I love blogging, not that I didn’t already know that! I love my readers, your not just people in a computer to me, your just like family. I also realized even more so how much time my blogging takes me and that I spend 60-80 hours a week posting for all of you to save, get freebies, and other content that I post for you. I LOVE what I do and all of you that follow this blog each day.

So what did I really learn about a blogger’s life????

* I learned I spend to much time away from my family, but I will be making changes in that avenue.

* I LOVE what I do but I spend so much of my time doing it that it affects my family life so I again will be making changes.

* I want it all and I can have it with some simple changes to my life

* I learned that all of you are why I love my job so much, not that I didn’t already know that!

What changes will be coming????

* I will be taking weekends off from blogging so that I can spend more time with my family. So that I can spend more time with them and do more things together.

* We will be having a sister blog coming more then likely next month with a great wealth of information on so many new topics that I do not touch on with Frugal Diva Frenzy.

* I will be slowing down on how many posts are going up daily on the blog. Right now I post every half hour. I will be slowing them down BUT each post will have more deals in them then just one. This will be starting shortly. I want to give you the best content possible with Frugal Diva Frenzy and keep you all saving more. I know you will love this change that I will be making it will more then likely start tomorrow. Please feel free to comment on posts about if you like or dislike the new content.

$1.00/2 Glad Trash Bags

$1.00 off on any TWO (2) Glad Trash Bags

WOW! I love when you can snag some great coupons for trash bags and they don’t come around often! So be sure to grab this great $1.00/2 Glad Trash Bags. They are going to come in handy for spring cleaning, getting the clutter gone and shaking off the cobwebs of the winter. I always love the spring and the clean smell of summer will soon be here. I know I’m strange but Spring cleaning is always a fun time to start new and I love how clean the house is and how fresh it smells after cleaning. So get ready to welcome spring and start fresh. Don’t forget to donate those gently used items.