Wow Wee Coji Educational Robot Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the adorable Coji Educational Robot to play with my son’s with. The WowWee COJI Educational Robot teaches your child how to code with emojis, goofy games and more. Control COJI’s actions and solve problems in fun skill-testing games using the downloadable app. String together silly faces on the app using a compatible mobile device and watch COJI react. Even without the app, your little one can have plenty of fun. Tilt or shake the bot to stimulate different interactions.

We read the instructions and then the boys were playing with Coji. Coji is really a stem toy that helps children to learn electronics and how they work. They can have Coji making different emjoi faces, play games and more. It is so cute to play with and they can learn while playing as well. The boys were using my phone to play with coji, so they were learning as they played. They were having so much fun with Coji and playing that they killed my phone battery but I recharged it and they were back playing again.

They were really enjoying choosing faces for Coji to wear. Then they would play the games on it and they were completely engaged. They were laughing and having a great time. They even took turns without fighting and giving each other ideas on what to do with Coji next. It’s a great hands on toy for the kids and they just loved playing with it. I also let my granddaughter’s play with Coji and they loved it as well. They love to play games as well as learned to play the games and give him emjoi faces. They loved watching Coji and all the ways they could play with him. They were so engaged that when I said it was time for dinner they told me that they were not hungry, they wanted to keep playing. It didn’t work but it was a great try on their part. lol

The kids played with Coji all night long and just kept laughing and having fun. It was so wonderful to see all their smiling faces. They were just having so much fun. I got my turn to try Coji after they all went to bed. I found it easy to use as did the kids, he is just adorable as well. It was fun to give him all of my favorite emjoi faces that make me laugh. I really had a fun time playing with Coji as well and I learned some fun new things that the kids hadn’t tried yet so I planned to show them the next day and have them try it out as well. Coji is the perfect way for children to learn more about electronics but in a fun way that they can easily understand. I really love to have stem toys for my grandchildren and children to learn from. It makes it much more interesting and hands on. My son’s learn more from hands on products then just talking to them and showing them things so Coji was a perfect fit for them.

Coji is a great gift idea for ages 4 and up. The younger children will love giving him different emjoi faces and the older children will love using him for making emjoi faces, playing the games and all he has to offer. He will bring a lot of learning into their lives that they are really going to enjoy! Boys and girls alike will love to play with Coji.