Chrono Bomb Game Review #OutdoorFun #ChristmasGiftGuide

Chrono bomb

Look out there is a new game in town! Chrono Bomb will have your child having fun for hours! If they love spy games and adventure this is the game for your child! This game is always changing to your child’s imagination.
They can make their own mine course to go through but they must make it to the other side before the bomb goes off.. tick…tick…tick BOOM! They can create a new course every time they play or use the same course till they master it then create a new course. The fun never ends with Chrono Bomb, you can play with your friends as well to see who can get through the course with the best time or who can complete the course.

Chrono Bomb 1
Parents you can get in on the fun as well and create your own course, why should the children have all the fun! You can have fun at parties with this game as well. It would make the perfect christmas gift and make a great game to play on New Year’s Eve as well. The kids will never say they are bored, it will always keep them having fun! This won’t be a game that ends up in the closet and forgotten about it will be a game that will be perfect for winter or summer. When the summer months come they can bring it outside and set it up in the yard.
My son’s had a blast playing with the Chrono Bomb, we made different courses and trying to beat the bomb before it exploded. It was a so much fun and I even played with them. The boys were better at playing then I was but there was a lot of laughter while we were playing. We had times where we made it before the bomb went off and other times where the bomb went off and we had to start again. However, each time we played we had a great time!