Napier SUV/Mini Van Tent Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

wally''s tent for truck

When the Napier SUV/Mini Van Tent arrived I was so excited to review it, even though it was 25 degrees outside it didn’t stop the excitement of seeing the tent attached to the Suburban. My son’s were so excited to see what it would look like and how fun camping would be with the Napier SUV/Mini Van Tent. We like to do a lot of outdoor events and activities so the Napier SUV/Mini Van Tent is great for all the events that we love.

It took us only 30 minutes to put the tent up and attach it to the Suburban. My son’s were so thrilled, the top of the tent is just over 7 foot tall, and is able to sleep 4-5 people, you can have a table in the tent for a tail gate party, have your coolers in the back of the Suburban for easy access and no one will trip over it, you can go camping, a fun day at the beach, the things you could attend and use it for are endless. We are looking forward to using it at Country Thunder, which is a country music concert that is held here every July.

napier sportz camo truck
It was very easy to put together for us, the color of the tent is so vibrant, and it’s very spacious as well. Even though it was 25 degrees outside my son’s wanted to stay inside the tent and play. The tent is able to be used for 3 seasons, I love that it has an Awning to keep the sun out of the tent, it also has large windows that can come down on the sides so you can see what is going on around you and not be eaten by mosquitos a huge plus where we live as they are pretty bad in the summer. I also love that the tent weights about 36 lbs and comes with a carry bag so everything can be easily be put back in the carry bag for the next adventure. Another of my favorite features is how it attaches to the Suburban, so you can easily put an air mattress inside the bed and still see into the tent or put all your gear in the bed and be able to get to anything that you need.

Napier has taken this tent to a whole new amazing level! They offer other tents as well like the Sportz Truck Tent 57 Series, Sportz Dome To-Go Tent, Obersee Kids Butterfly Luggage With Integrated Cooler, and the Sports Cove SUV/Mini Van Tent. Napier has just made road trips easy and so much fun! You no longer need to search for a hotel when you get tired, just put your tent up and your home. It really doesn’t get any easier then this! Plus it doesn’t take up much room so you will have plenty of room for the luggage and other gear that you need for your trip.

The Napier SUV/Mini Van Tent would also make a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or just a treat for your family. You will get so many uses out of it, don’t forget it is perfect for the deer hunter in your life as well! They offer some great Camo options! What’s not to love!

Peapod Plus Tent Review

peapod plus

I received the Peapod Plus to review with my adorable little princess’s. We received it right before Easter, it was perfect timing to test it with them as they would have a long day for the holiday.

We were having all the family over after they found their Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny left for them. When they arrived we would be doing an Easter Egg Hunt, letting them run around and play, while they were waiting to eat. They were on the go for the whole morning and so ready for a nap! All the adults wanted to stay outside and continue the fun. So I pulled out the Peapod Plus and put it in an area where the older kids wouldn’t be running around. I put two of my granddaughter’s in the peapod and they were out like a light!

I loved the way the Peapod plus kept them shaded from the sun and when zipped no flies or bugs could get in by them. It must have been so comfortable for them because they took a two hour nap! That was with all the adults talking and the other kids running around and having fun! The padding on the bottom of the Peapod plus is so soft that the kids just loved laying there. Even after they woke up from their nap, they brought toys into the Peapod and played in there with their babies and other toys. My oldest granddaughter wanted to bring the Peapod plus home with her so she could continue to play in it and sleep in it that night! I told her it was staying at Nana’s house but that she could play in it and take a nap in it again.

The Peapod plus was a huge hit with the granddaughter’s! It would be the perfect gift for a baby shower, adoption gift, or to have at your home for your children or grandchildren. If you can’t find the kids, just look in the Peapod Plus if it’s out and your sure to find them sleeping or playing inside!