Calego Traditional Doll House $29.97 Normally $39.99

caelgo dollhouse

You can get a great deal on the Calego Traditional Doll House it’s a perfect gift for Christmas. Your princess will just love this beautiful dollhouse and your budget is going to love the price. Your child will love playing for hours with this dollhouse.

•The lightweight pop-up doll house features 3 stories of fun, illustrated with everything you’d find in a real house
•When playtime is over, the doll house is easy to fold flat, making storage a breeze
•Made from soft, safe, lightweight materials
•Calego’s safe, economical Doll House is child-safe and parent-friendly
•Calego’s safe, economical Traditional Doll House is child-safe and parent-friendly, the perfect addition to any child’s play room
•Children love playing house with Calego’s child-safe, parent-friendly Traditional Doll House, the perfect home for 12” fashion dolls