Why Are Bullied Children Getting Punished By Courts But Bullies Get No Punishment?

Boy who was convicted on wiretapping

I’m really curious to see what your point of view is on this story. A 15 Year old boy, a sophomore diagnosed with a comprehension delay disorder, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder was bullied daily. His mother emailed her son’s teacher to complain a number of times and have something done. So the boy decided to record the bullies on his ipad so that someone would finally listen to him and he would be heard. In the video you can hear someone saying to “Pull down the victims pants”, and other comments from another bully when a teacher said for him to sit down “I was just trying to scare him.”

The school made him delete the video and then boy who took the video was convicted of disorderly conduct for recording classmates bullying. The bullies received nothing in the form of punishment for what went on in the video. The Boy being bullied was given Saturday detentions, a $25 fine and had to pay court costs as well. All of this was stemming from his wanting to be heard and get help with the bullies and getting them to stop the daily torment. You can read the full Full Story here.

I’m curious as parents how would you react to this situation and what would you have do or done differently?

I’m curious what your