Brylane Home: Alexis Puff Top Printed Bedspread Review

 photo BrylanehomeAlexis.jpg

If your like me, you have to have a comfortable bedroom, of course that sometimes causes a problem. The cost of comfort can become a little pricey. Not to mention that we all know, that comfort can be a problem in the mornings as well, because it just means that you hit the snooze button just one more time to cuddle up under that oh so soft bedspread.

Brylane Home shows you how to get all that wonderful comfort and at a great price. The Alexis Puff Top Printed Bedspread couldn’t have come at a better time! I have been wanting a new Bedspread and at a very reasonable price. However, it arrived at the time that I came down with a cold/flu, you know the one, the hot/cold flashes, whole body hurts, and your down for the count. However, it wasn’t just me, it was all of the kids as well. So needless to say my bed was full! I had both of my son’s in my bed watching t.v., napping and cuddling up under my bedspread. If that doesn’t put a bedspread to the test, I don’t know what is going to! My son’s toss and turn, flip upside down and all in the comfort of this Alexis Puff Top Bedspread.

So while I was laying in my bed not being able to sleep from being stuffy, I ran my hands over this big beautiful bedspread and cuddled up with it close to my face. I just fell in love with this bedspread. My son’s even just loved it, they just loved cuddling under it and have been trying to invade my bed and take it over because they just love my bedspread. There is nothing better then cuddling up for a movie night as well with so much comfort around you. The plush puffs in the bedspread, the silky inside lining, the ever soft puffs in the pillow cases just loved them all.

If your looking for all the comfort with not a big price tag your going to love the Brylane Home bedding deals. You can have everything you want without the huge price tag to go with it. They have prices that start at just $9.99 and up! So head over to get your bedroom made over with all the comfort you deserve without the price tag you don’t! You can follow Brylane Home facebook and Brylane Home Twitter to find out about the hottest deals and promo codes that you can use for even more savings!

**Disclosure** I received the Alexis Puff Bedspread to review for this post, all opinions are those of my family and myself.