Brio Family Home Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


My granddaughter’s came over and wanted to play with me. So I thought we would play with the BRIO Family Home. So I put it together, it comes mostly assembled you just add the few pieces and your ready to have fun. I really loved the bright colors and so did the girls. They were so excited to see it put together and were ready to have a fun time.
I gave each of them some people that they could play with and they could trade with playing with the others. So they started to play house with the Brio Family Home. It was so cute, they were playing so well together and they loved the layout of the Family home. They were saying that one was mommy and she was making dinner for the family, dad was out cutting the grass in the yard, and so on. So they decided that they needed a Nana so they grabbed one of the Barbie’s and there she was. My oldest granddaughter said the Barbie looked like me, so I had to be the Nana.
It was so wonderful to watch their imaginations taking over while they were playing. When they didn’t want to play “house” anymore they came up with new ideas and each of them took a turn with deciding what they wanted to do. It’s one of the first times I have seen them play together so nicely without them having to argue over who is going to do what and when or the usual it’s my turn and you can’t play. So it was great to see them playing so well together and it being so much fun for all of us. They incorporated other toys that we have into the playing as well.
We were playing so much that when my daughter’s arrived to get the girls we didn’t want to stop playing. I told the girls next time they were over we could play again. I really loved the size of the Brio Family Home, it could be brought with you on a car ride, played with at home, or even taken to Grandma’s house to play. There were adorable people to play with as well, that looked actually like people. It was also easy to put the few pieces on the house that needed to be added. I really didn’t see any negatives with the house or the pieces that came with it. We had so much fun together, it’s the perfect toy for everyone to have fun with. It would make a great gift for a girl or a boy that likes to play with dolls and houses.