Brayden Beatrix Girls Doll Review

Beatrux girls

I received the Brayden Beatrix Doll, along with a Poster, Cd, and a VIP membership card to review. Now if your not sure who the The Beatrix Girls are they are a Rock Band. They are adorable, fun, and have great style. They each have a favorite phrase, favorite things they like, and just love their band. They also each have their own role in the band and come with the instrument that they play in the band.

I have to say that I just love Brayden’s sassy hair color, it’s a magenta purple, she has a flair for style that is a hot sassy look. She comes with her guitar as she is the leader of the band. She is very hip, stylish, sassy and is so fun to play with! I received a poster of the whole band, The Beatrix Girls “Meet The Beatrix Girls” Cd of their music they play, and a VIP Pass as well. Your child can have Brayden rock out and the other Beatrix girls with their Cd. Pretend they are going to their concert and have VIP seating at their concert when they attend.

They can help Brayden who writes most of the bands songs, write a new one for the band and perform it with Brayden and the rest of the band. The Beatrix Girls include Brayden, Ainsley who is the drummer of the band, a beautiful Blonde who is sweet as Cherry Pie. Chantal is the keyboard player, she is mellow and level headed. Lark plays the Bass Guitar, she loves to rock out and feel the earth move below her feet as she plays, she loves extreme sports as well. The Beatrix Girls all have different personalities but when they come together they have fun while they rock out.

Your child is going to love playing with the Beatrix Girls, and you can match the doll to your child’s interests. Which makes them even more fun as they share the same love of fun. Brayden is a blast to play with, she moves, they can make her dance while she plays, make their own concerts, or just let their imagination run wild. They are just going to love The Beatrix Girls. Have hours of fun playing while they create their own songs for the band to play.

* Disclosure* I received Brayden for this review, all opinions are my families as well as my own.