Brainzy 1,000 Of Math And Reading Games And Teaching Videos Free 7 Day Trial

It’s summer Vacation but we don’t want our children to forget everything they have learned or not be ready for the next grade they are entering. Brainzy is the perfect way to keep your child learning Math and Reading. It’s a fun educational website that would be perfect for your child to have fun learning with. You will receive a free 7 day trial, you can cancel at anytime and pay nothing. Unlimited access to hundreds of math and reading games plus teaching videos and stories. Brainzy helps develop a lifelong love of reading by making practice fun. You can take Brainzy on Road trips with you as the kids can play on your iPad as your driving along, learning while your not hearing “Mom and Dad, Are we there yet???” It’s a great time to keep their education going and their love of learning on the right path.