BabySence Micro- Movement Monitor Giveaway Exp: 3/23 Last Day! #Babygifts #Giveaway

Are you having a baby or in need of a great baby shower gift? The BabySence Micro- Movement Monitor would be perfect for any Mom or Dad! They will be able to hear their little angel and know if they are needed.

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I have had three infants in my time and all of them kept me up at night. Not entirely because they would wake or because of my nursing schedule, but because I would get up every half hour to hour to check on them and make sure they were breathing. Even with healthy children, SIDS scared the living daylights out of me, I won’t lie. Now that BabySense, LLC is here with their Babysense 5s Infant Movement Monitor, moms like me can get more rest and check on their babies less by knowing that this micro-movement detecting monitor will tell them if their baby has a change in movement, or it stops.

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