Amazon To Increase Amazon Prime Membership To $99

amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime is going to be going up in price in a week. You can still purchase the Amazon Prime for the $79 for a year at this time. Also if your Amazon will renew by April 17th you will be able to lock in the $79 for a year before the increase is in place.

It’s still a great deal at the $99, since Amazon has not done a price increase since they opened up the Prime membership in 2005. So it was really inevitable that there would be one with the increase of prices for so many different products and shipping costs. I do however, wish that they had a monthly plan for their membership so that it wasn’t a bulk amount that was due. However, with that said, it’s really a great bargain when you think about it as you receive Free shipping, you can go through their 500,000 Kindle books, free movie streaming with more movies then one could ever watch. If you paid for movie rentals, your ebooks to read and paid for your shipping of your purchases you would spend WAY more then the a little over $9 a month. So it is still a bargain to have the Amazon Prime . I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of shipping charges that I save during the holidays, for gifts, and other items that I purchase on Amazon. It is totally worth the amount of the membership.