5 Great Gifts For Teachers For Under $5 Each

gifts for teachers collage

We are always on the lookout for great gifts that we can make for Teacher’s and others on our gift lists. These 5 Teacher’s gifts would be perfect for the beginning of the school year, Christmas, or any time. They are sure to appreciate your thoughtful gift and your budget will love that they are only $5 or less to make for them. These gifts are easy to make and the kids can help you make them.

You can fill these items with band-aids, candy, lip balm, travel size lotion, school supplies, or other goodies that teacher’s. There are so many cute supplies and different teacher’s aid’s that you can use to fill them with. If you shop at the Dollar Tree, and Dollar General you will find a lot of these great supplies to put in your gift. They are just so cute, your child’s teacher will just love receiving one.

Flower Pens
10 Pens
Floral Tape (Dollar Tree)
Artifical flowers
Glue Gun

The flowers are very easy to make, you will use the supplies listed above. They are so cute when they are finished.

Step 1: Start to wrap the tape at the bottom of the pen, wrap it around 2 times, and start to wrap up to the middle of the pen.

Step 2: Cut the flower stem to the size of where you stopped the tape and to the top of the pen.

Step 3: Finish wrapping it tightly to the top of the pen, then when you reach the top of the pen use a dab of hot glue to hold it closed and your pen flower is complete

I found the jar and the planter bucket with the lady bug and flowers for $1 at Dollar tree as well and purchased a movie size Starburst to fill them with to hold the flower pens upright. The whole project for those cost $5.

The 2 Drawer containers: I purchased at the Dollar Tree as well for $1 each. I then filled them with a mixed candy from Dollar Tree for $1 and I found some great deals on back to school supplies so the high lighters were only $.19 each, the pencil erasers were $.25 each package, Glue sticks were $.10 each, band-aids were $1 so the gift cost under $5

The Flower container:: I purchased at Dollar General for $2 and I used a Dry Erase marker from Dollar Tree for $1, Starburst Candy $1 at Dollar Tree and high lighters were only $.19 each, the pencil erasers were $.25 each package, Glue sticks were $.10 each so they make an adorable gift and will fit nicely into her desk or she can use it for Make-up as well if she would like.