Fun Summer Reading List For First Graders

lunch box surprise

As parents we love to keep our children learning and reading during the summer. They can take amazing adventures through books they read, from being a princess to riding a dinosaur! The imagination will grow with each book they read, their reading skills will improve and they will want to read more and more.
There are so amazing books out there to read so I have compiled a great list of books for your 1st grader to read this summer that will bring them on a number of fun adventures. They will never want the summer fun to end! Books are perfect to bring on road trips, camping, and anywhere else your child’s heart desires. I have some amazing books that your first grader’s going to just love. You can start with a book they are interested and build on the books they read from there. Don’t forget there are a lot of summer reading programs where they can earn wonderful prizes for reading as well.

1) The First Grade Friends: Lunch Box Surprise (Hello Reader, Level 1) . All the first-graders are opening their lunch boxes with lip-smacking satisfaction when Sam discovers that his mother has forgotten to pack his lunch: “Sam is surprised. Sam is sad. Sam is hungry. Sam is mad!” Never fear, Sam’s classmates all share their food with him. $3.26

2) My Tooth Is About to Fall Out (Scholastic Reader Level 1). It wobbles. It wiggles. It joggles. It jiggles. The creators of the bestseller Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox are back with a fun-filled Level 1 Hello Reader! about a young girl who’s about to loose her first tooth. An irresistible easy-to-read book that will delight parents and children alike. $3.05

3) Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox (Hello Reader!, Level 1). Bouncy rhymes makes this lively story about coping with chicken pox one that children will love to read long after their itches are gone. $3.05

4) Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade: Book 1 (Princess Posey, First Grader). Posey is very nervous about starting first grade and walking into school all by herself. Worst of all, she has to do it without the one thing that always makes her feel brave and special: the tutu that turns her into the Pink Princess. How will Posey face the first day of school without it? $4.49

5) A Tale of Two Sisters (Disney Frozen) (Step into Reading). When a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, Anna, a young dreamer, must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, and his reindeer on the grandest of journeys to find Anna’s sister, the Snow Queen Elsa, and put an end to her icy spell. $2.70

6) The Best Seat in Second Grade (I Can Read Book 2). Sam is tired of waiting to be Hamster Helper. So when his class takes a trip to the science museum, Sam decides to bring along something extra . . . $3.59

7) Horus’s Horrible Day (First Graders From Mars: Episode #01). Horus is exited about starting first grade. That is, until he discovers there are no slime tables, no snooze mats, and no snacks; and he gets put in the Beta reading group instead of the Alpha, and finds himself longing for the good old days of Martiangarten. $3.98