5 Ways To Pay For The Holiday Gifts Without Going Into Your Wallet This Season!

It’s that time of year to start on all that holiday shopping. So you can be done before the holiday season and have great gifts at great prices. I have been doing some research to help you find perfect ways to save money and help you make everyone on your holiday list happy as well as your credit card and bank account!

I know that every year it can get more and more expensive for all those gifts that you want to get for everyone. I also know that we all love a great deal! I’m mean who wants to pay full price and wants to cringe when they see their monthly statement. I know that I don’t and I know that you don’t as well. So I have taken a lot of the work out of getting gifts for this holiday season as well as being able to get money back for the gifts you purchase! YES! you heard me right you will get money back on some of your purchases!

So let’s get your holiday started on the right track and make sure that you can get everything wrapped and put away before anyone can figure out that you have been shopping! Let’s also make sure that you can have a frugal holiday season and put some of your money back into your wallet! I mean who doesn’t love getting money back on your purchases! I will be the first to say that I’m a big fan of getting my money back on purchases. I have found some great ways to do just that! So let me start to share with you how I get money back. I will also share some other great ways to make the holidays a success without breaking the bank!


  • RebateKey is a great way to get money back from your purchases! start to get money back by checking out their rebates that they have offered on thousands of products! I have already received $48 back on 3 purchases that I made. I purchased safety lightbulbs for when we have storms and lose power. The light bulbs go on and last several hours till the power is restored. I also purchased Marshmellow sticks for the kids for cooking hot dogs and marshmellows over a fire, and Canning jar dissolvable labels that I have needed for my canning this season. I received $29.99 back for the light bulbs, $9.57 for the campfire sticks, and dissolvable canning labels as well which I received $7.99 back for that purchase. They have toys, items for hobbies, light bulbs, kitchen items, clothing, and so much more! You will find some great items on there for gamers and everyone on your list. Then enjoy getting your money back as well! RebateKey can make you back a good amount of money depending on how many products and rebates you claim.


  • Rakuten is a great way to shop at all your favorite stores online and get money back from your purchases! start to get money back You can shop at Kohl’s, Target, Old Navy, Nike, Adidas, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Gap and so many of your other favorite places. You make your purchase and you receive back a percentage of your purchase. It also gets mailed right to your home! No making time to go to the store on your lunch break, when your having a crazy day, you can get the sales prices AND get money back on your purchase! It’s the perfect way to have the best of all world’s! Depending on your purchases you can make a couple of hundred a year.


  • Field Agent make money while at the stores you love to shop at. vstart to get money back With Field Agent when your out running to stores you can see what “jobs” are available and accept them. It can be to go into a store and make sure it’s clean, it can be to purchase a certain product and give your opinion of it, it can be to talk to one of the employees and see if they are polite. Then when you complete the job, you mark it completed and you are paid for the job. This is a great way to make extra money for the holidays. You can even choose the highest paying jobs in your area and then work on lower paying jobs to add more to your account. Then your paid for all the jobs you complete. The jobs do need to be completed within a certain time frame if you accept them. So you can chose jobs that are at stores your already at while shopping for things you need and make money while doing your errands! So easy to do and you get money for doing them! You have to love that! Extra Christmas money, money for something your saving up for, or just mad cash for you to use to do something fun for yourself. You can make a couple of hundred dollars with the Field Agents.


  • Checkout 51 get rebates on your grocery shopping items. start to get money back You can get the Checkout 51 app, mark the products that you plan to purchase and see how much of a rebate you will get buying products that you purchase all the time. A prime example is disposable razors, you can get a $6 rebate on your purchase. Then there are many other products like your favorite candy, butter, Atkins products, diapers, milk, and a lot of other products that your family uses. You can claim up to 5 rebates purchasing the items. They also had a free Thanksgiving meal for those who used this app last year. So having this app on your phone could give you a great way to help you save for the holidays as well. You can easily receive back hundreds of dollars in rebates a year.


  • Ibotta get rebates on your grocery shopping items. start to get money back on your grocery shopping purchases. You can pick and choose the products that you normally purchase. Then add in your store shopping cards so that you can add the rebates to your perks cards and when you use them at the stores it will take off which rebates you have purchased and you can receive your rebates. You can get rebates totally hundreds of dollars or more a year, so it could easily pay for the holiday season.

    Just from these few apps (or you can do it on your laptop, phone, or tablet) you could have your holidays paid for with money from making other purchases, doing small jobs, rebates, and you can make your holidays wonderful without taking more money out of your accounts!

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