5 Tips to Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

deer in garden

If you’ve set up your garden in deer territory, then you’re aware of the unique challenges that these furry creatures can bring. It’s a real battle that only a determined and wise gardener can win. There’s no denying it: these animals find your vegetables as tasty as you do. Besides, your garden’s roses, daisies, and geraniums are deer’s perfect dessert.

When it comes to keeping deer out of your garden, not every method is effective. Besides, you may need to do a lot of experimentation since every herd of these burgers eats differently. Here are some of the surest methods you can try to keep your garden deer-free.

1. Fence them Off

Fencing off your garden is probably the most effective and obvious way to manage deer. The good news is that you don’t have to use a carpenter to do this. Putting up a few rows of clear fishing wire is enough to keep deer from invading your garden.
Take the perimeter of your garden and string a row of a fishing line starting 2-3 inches from the ground. Repeat this at least three more times, making the rows of the wire about a foot apart. The result is a tall and almost-invisible fence. Since the deer can’t see the fence, they won’t attempt to jump over.

2. Remove Attractions from the Pond

If you have a pond on your garden, deer are going to find it attractive. They love water. They can drink and eat plants that ponds naturally produce. One of the ways to keep deer off is to set up a pond aerator. It not only keeps algae from growing on the water but also enhances your garden’s overall look.

3. Create Some Sounds and Sights

Unexpected sights and sounds can trigger the deer’s main defense against prey. For instance, stringing up CDs around your beautiful garden creates motion that’s strange to deer. Another way is to create a long and wide white flag that resembles deer’s tail. The deer will only see the figure but not an animal. As a result, they’ll spook.
Have you ever tried hanging up aluminum cans or pie tins? It creates unusual sound and visual. However, you’ll have to rotate different methods of spookiness on your garden for them to work. Otherwise, the deer will soon notice it’s just a prank and continue nibbling on your beautiful plants.

4. Plant Aromatic Solutions

Lavenders and marigolds have a strong aroma. Deer do not like the lavender smell since it stays on their legs, making it difficult for them to sense predators and find food within their environment. The astringent odor of marigolds also put off the furry burgers. Consider surrounding your little patch of heaven with a thick layer of these plants.

5. Religiously Use Deer Repellents

More often than not, gardeners say deer deterrents do not work. However, it’s due to human error and not the spray. The ultimate repellent is the one you apply religiously. Never skip an application and you’ll see results.
It’s quite a challenge to keep deer from destroying your most treasured plants. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to stop these burgers in their tracks. If one method doesn’t work, then try combining them.

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