5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday

Birthdays are exciting for everyone, but especially for kids. Most love to have the spotlight on them for the day, they love to eat cake and sweet treats you have baked, and open presents that were chosen specifically for them. And since their birthday only comes around once a year, it is important to make their special day as unique as you can. We have a few easy and fun ideas to help make their day extra special

1. Decorate their room

If your child is like most kids, you could have a dance party in their room while they sleep and they wouldn’t wake up. That makes it super easy to decorate their room while they sleep, making it so they will wake up to their room being covered in streamers, balloons, and birthday banners. But, if they don’t sleep as soundly as you would like them to, wait until they go to school, or send them on an errand with their siblings and decorate while they are away. This is an easy way to make their day a little more fun.

2. Have personalized cookies made

As a kid is there really anything better than a cookie with your face on it? No, we didn’t think so. Though most personalized cookies are the ones you get for corporate or business events, you can order personalized cookies with their face on it or with your well wishes, instead of the cookies logo that normally comes on a yummy treat. Your kiddo will feel extra special and won’t be able to wait to take a bite out of these delicious goodies. And their siblings might get a kick out of it, too.

3. Gather messages from their friends and family

We know that sometimes family and friends are all around the world and might not be able to celebrate with your kids in person. Instead of making this a negative thing, spin it into a positive. Gather notes, videos, voice memos, etc. to be able to show you kiddo on their birthday. If you happen to have family in a different country, maybe have them share what that country’s birthday customs are. This also makes for an easy way to educate your kid without them even realizing.

4. Have a “yes day”

Yes, most homes run the easiest (and best, of course) when an adult is in charge, but when it comes to the kiddos’ birthdays, it is time to relinquish some of that power and order, and let them call some of the shots. By turning their birthday into a “yes day,” they will get to pick the menu, activities, and outfits because you are going to say yes, no matter what. (It is of course a good idea to have some boundaries in place, though. Things like a budget, time limit, and a set geographic radius keep things in perspective and on track)

Take a lot of pictures

When you get caught up in the celebration it is easy to not want to be on your phone and taking pictures. And while we commend you for wanting birthdays to be a no phone zone, we also want you to be able to document the day to look back on. An easy remedy to this is dusting off that digital camera and documenting the day that way. And don’t forget to be in the pictures as well. When they reminisce in the future, they will want to see the people who made it all happen for them.

So, what are the big plans for your kiddo’s special day? Will you say yes, order up some special cookies, or decorate their room while they sleep? We know that whatever you choose to do they are sure to love it and everyone will have a great time. Good luck and enjoy.

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