2 Types Of A Mommy Bloggers That You May Want To Try To Avoid Being

Okay, I know what your saying, what only 2 types that we want to avoid? Yes, I realize there are more then the 2 but I’m focusing on these 2 at the moment. Mainly because there are a number of conferences coming up and I hope it will help some of the bloggers that have not attended before. Even if your not attending a conference, it’s something that you may want to be aware of.

The entitled blogger, is someone that you would NOT want to be. This blogger thinks that they are perfect for a Blogging trip, Blogger Op, or another event and when they are not chosen they have a tendency to look like the picture below. They get upset when they are not chosen and email the Rep or company and tell them what a big mistake they made not choosing them!


Before you start to burn up your keyboard in a hot flame of “What were they thinking!”, breath for a moment and calm down. You may have thought that you were PERFECT for the op, trip or whatever it might have been.

However, they may have had limited spots and could not fit you in. They may have a bigger event that they have you in mind for, that would be an even better fit for you but have not said so as of yet. If you email them and start to tell them why, you would have been perfect and they blew their chance. You can pretty much guarantee that you have just blew any hope of being in any future events that they may have. Don’t be the entitled Blogger! Companies and Reps know what they are looking for and what they want, if you do not get this event that’s okay! There will be others, you will have your shot at the events and be noticed. Do not burn bridges that could lead to great events and ops in the future! You also do not want to be this blogger at conferences, trust that companies have eyes and ears everywhere!


The suck up Blogger, is another blogger that you do not want to become. Okay, in all honestly we all do some sucking up to PR Reps as well as to companies. HOWEVER, there is sucking up and then there is SUCKING UP! If your not sure of the difference, let me explain it to you.

There is the occasional sucking up that we do when there is something that we want as far as an event, trip or op, there is always a little give and take involved. However, if your not sure where your lips start and their rear starts your over the top and you may want to rethink your logic!

The blogging trips are mainly where the SUCKING UP is going on. If your paying any kind of attention at all to who is going on trips you will figure it out on your own. However, do not fall into this trap, there are some amazing trips and getting to see and meet fabulous stars but in all reality is it really worth your integrity???? Most bloggers would say no, but there are those that are okay with sucking up just so they can attend.

Have I attended one of these trips? The answer is no, I have not gone on one of these trips. Am I jealous of the bloggers that have gone? Not at all! I love following those who are attending, seeing what they are doing and cheering them on. In all honesty, I do not even try for these trips! Unless I could pack up 5 people in my suit case and bring them with me, I can not attend. I’m first and foremost a care giver and so at this time a trip by myself is not in the cards. Heck, my son just had his tonsils out and we had to stay in the hospital over night and to find someone to take on the rest of my responsibilities for just one day was all I could handle, I couldn’t imagine trying for 3 days so I could attend!

In the real scheme of the blogging world, hard work will pay off better then being one of these two types of bloggers. These types of bloggers are a pitfall that you do not want to get started on. Soon you lose your integrity, respect of fellow bloggers, and in reality your not earning your goals. Your sliding further and further away from who you really are and is it really worth the loss for a trip or event to attend? It’s an easy question for me to answer, the answer is no! However, some may choose to go down that road because of the bright lights, the plane rides, and the glamour. I choose not to lose myself or who I am on those paths, even if I could attend the events I would still choose the high road to get there.

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