150 Screen-Free Activities For Kids Book Review #KidsActivities

150 screen free activities

I received the 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids with my family. I have to say that I was intrigued with 150 activities that included no computer, no t.v., no video games, just simple fun with you and your child/ren. The book cover shows children doing some of the activities and they looked very interesting so I was excited to see what the book had to offer.

I was loving a lot of the recipes including Gluten free recipes for fun play items that you can make and play with, How to make an erupting volcano, taste-safe Glow Water, and so many other great ways to have fun with your children. My son’s and I made some of the Fizzy Rainbow Slush and they had such a great time! We are going to continue with making fun activities from the book. We are going to “Unplug” one day a week and that day is going to be a totally screen-free day and all about us spending time together and having fun. Your going to love this book and look forward to the fun activities that are included in it. There are a lot of great projects that would be perfect for a science experiment for a Science fair, recipes for learning how to cook, and so much more. It would make a great gift for a parent that would love some more activity ideas to do with their children, a teacher, Daycare provider, and many other people.

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