Zana Very Berry Strawberry Flipzee Doll Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

zana strawberry

I received the Zana Very Berry Strawberry Flipzee Girl to review and share our opinions on this toy. At first I really wondered what set this doll apart from others that are on the shelves at the stores. Could it really keep a little girls attention and become a favorite? Could it really be a doll that wouldn’t get thrown into the toy box after a little bit of play time? We all know how that works, it’s a toy that the kids HAVE to have but then shortly after they lose interest in it.

The Zana Very Berry Flipzee Girl is so precious, I picked it up and just loved the Strawberry hat and it’s adorable outfit but then when you bring the hat down it becomes a whole new level of stinkin cute! The hair in it’s beautiful colors matches the doll perfectly! I reviewed this Zana Strawberry with my granddaughters who are ages 4, 5 and 6 years old. At first they were not to excited about it when it was wearing the strawberry hat. They thought that was going to be the extent of the doll for the two older girls but my 4 year old granddaughter loved the Strawberry hat. So they were playing and I asked my granddaughter to take her hat off. Their little eyes got huge when they saw she had hair as well.

We were playing with the doll, and I should say that the girls have the strollers, Doll houses and other accessories that girls love. So first they were taking her for a walk in the stroller. Then the two older girls decided it was time to play beauty shop as they just love her hair. So they were pretending to cut and style her hair. It was just so adorable to watch them playing. Of course they then decided that she needed a nap that she had a busy morning with them. So after her nap (15 minute nap lol) they decided it was time to play house. So they brought out their tea sets and had a tea party and she was their child and they were showing her how to use the tea cups. They were taking turns playing that she was their child and that they were going to be having tea and cookies.

They just had a wonderful day with her. They then decided who was going to be sleeping with her for bedtime. They were going to take turns sleeping with her. So since they couldn’t decide I wrote their names on a piece of paper and put it in a hat and drew the names for the order of who was going to get to sleep with her and when. So they were very excited. I checked on them at bedtime and my youngest granddaughter was fast asleep with her all cuddled up and holding her tight. I have to say it was the most precious sight to see! When she woke up in the morning she told me about the adventure that she and her new friend went on in her dreams the night before.

The girls just love Zana Very Berry, they have been having so much fun with her since she arrived. She has not seen any down time and she has not visited the toy box unless the girls were not there and no one decided that they had to take her home for a night. They have been talking about her non stop since she arrived and it’s looking like Santa will be bringing two more of these adorable dolls so that each of the girls can have their own and not have to share! They are just going to be thrilled to open them and have their own doll to play with all the time. They would make a great birthday, Christmas gift or just for your girl to have to play with. I have to say it’s so fun to watch their imaginations going wild with all the things they can do with her.

You can find Zana Very Berry and her friends at Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon.

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