Do You Know What A Yellow Ribbon On A Dog Leash Or Collar Means? know Safety For Your Family


Do you have a fear of dogs? Do you wonder if that dog your child is walking towards is safe for them to go and pet? Does your dog have health issues, defensive when people come towards you, or at times aggressive? Then your going to want to read more about the yellow ribbon on Dog collars or leashes. It could protect you and your family.

If your dog gets defensive when people come near you, has health problems, is newly adopted and your not sure what would happen. Then be sure to put a yellow ribbon on their dog collar or leash to let people know that they should not approach your dog. This is a newer concept so it is a good idea to educate your family on the yellow ribbon on pets.

If your child is approaching a dog and you see a yellow ribbon, direct them away from the animal as they may not be child friendly. They also may be newly adopted and the new owner may not know if they are child friendly and do not want to take any chances till they know how the animal will do with children. So be sure when your at the park or out walking that if you see a yellow ribbon you avoid trying to pet the animal.

You will also want to educate your children on the yellow ribbon on dog collars or leashes to keep them safe. The ribbon is there for safety reasons just like the skull and cross bones that are on bottles so that children know not to touch them. Be sure to make sure your child or children are aware of the ribbon and that it could mean danger for them.

If your dog is one that could be aggressive, is not friendly with children then purchase yellow ribbon even from the Dollar Tree to place on their collar or leash. I suggest the collar so that if they get out of your yard it will alert people not to try to grab onto them as they could get hurt. You will also want to ensure that your yard is secure for the dog and they can not get out.

Please share this post so that other dog owners will also know about the yellow ribbon. It will also help more parents be aware that they should warn and teach their children about the yellow ribbon for safety.

Photo is courtesy of AniCareVets.

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