New Year’s Eve Must See Movies For Women (Amazon Streaming)

Are you staying home this New Year’s Eve? Staying out of the crazy hustle or sick and just curling up on the couch but still want something great to watch while your getting better? There are so many great movies that you can watch, invite some girl friends over and have a great movie night as well.

 photo newyearseve.jpg
New Year’s Eve

 photo luckyOne.jpg
The Lucky One

 photo thefaultinourstars.jpg
The Fault In Our Stars

 photo Divergent.jpg

 photo EndlessLove.jpg
Endless Love

 photo ifIstay.jpg
If I Stay

 photo theotherwoman.jpg
The Other Woman

 photo ghost.jpg

 photo PrettyWoman.jpg
Pretty Woman

 photo takethelead.jpg
Take the Lead

 photo thenotebook.jpg
The Notebook

 photo ChasingLifeseries.jpg
Chasing Life Season 1

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