Wubble Ball Review


I received the Wubble Ball to review with my children. The Wubble Ball can be aired up to almost 3 ft. is size! I kept ours a little smaller as my son and my 2 year old granddaughter were playing with it. They were having a great time with the Wubble Ball. My granddaughter decided to see if she could look through the ball and what she could see when she did. She said my son looked funny through it. They were having a great time throwing and catching the ball, kicking it and bouncing it to each other.


I found it easy to blow up, I just followed the Youtube video, and it was so easy to use and it also comes with a measuring tape that shows you just how far you can blow up your Wubble Ball. They had a great time playing with the Wubble ball and kept playing It was easy to deflate the ball as well, it only took a few minutes to deflate it so that they are ready for the next adventure and I love that it is compact so that I can store it easily.

The next day my son has some friends come over and they played with the Wubble Ball again and had a great time! My son’s friends even loved playing with it, we went to the park and showed some of the other kids and had them play with it and they loved it as well. Their parents were asking where they could get one for their children, they just loved it. It would make a perfect gift, fun for the family or for the children. The ball does attract dirt but is easy to wash off with a little soap and water and your ready to play again. You can purchase the Wubble Ball or Target stores.

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