WowWee R.E.V. Cars Review

R.E.V cars

I received the WowWee R.E.V. Cars to review. My son’s were so excited when we opened them. They couldn’t wait to play with the R.E.V. cars and see how they worked. R.E.V. stands for Robotic Enhanced Vehicles, these vehicles do not need a track or a mat to ride on. The R.E.V. cars bring a whole new level of fun to the table. You run the cars with a free app that you add onto your iOS or Android device and offers tons of game play.

These cars can play with one player or up to 16 other cars that other people are playing with at home. These cars can battle with other cars, your car can be on your living room floor while your playing. These cars are built for battle and fun, you can capture the flag in a game, play with up to 16 other cars in a game, the fun is never ending and always a new challenge. My son’s just had so much fun playing with the R.E.V. Cars and battling with other cars no matter if a human- or AI-controlled cars, your going to have a great time playing.

The R.E.V. cars are my son’s new favorite toys to play with, they can play by themselves if they want or with others. It’s always a new adventure for them, and it’s always exciting for them as well. I even played (I was shocked they let me! lol), I can say that I am not as good at playing as they are but it was easy to learn how to play and I had a lot of fun with the R.E.V. cars. My turn didn’t last long as my son’s wanted to play again but they were having so much fun with them. They literally play with them all the time, their cousin’s came over and they showed them how to play with them as well and their cousins loved the R.E.V. cars as well. When their cousins were leaving they wanted to know when they could come and play with them again. We had ages 5 to 28 playing with the R.E.V cars and they all loved them!

The R.E.V cars would be perfect for a gift for the holidays! Younger to teens would love them! However, don’t rule out your husbands, I think they will love them as well! They will have hours of fun playing with the cars and battling others!

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