Vivitar DVR988 360 Action Camera Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Vivitar DVR 988HD 360 camera

I received the Vivitar DVR988 360 Action Camera to review. I have to say it is the cutest little camera that can fit in your hand but don’t let how cute the size is fool you!

When I opened the box, I saw the camera it was just so manageable in my hands. However, there was so much more in that box that I was not expecting! There were several stands in the box that would be great to take videos, stands that you could bend so that you can get that perfect shot, a watch looking device that you could use to take group photos and wait for it…you can be in the photos and push the button and it takes the photo for you, and other amazing accessories to make taking photos so much easier and the experience so much more enjoyable.

I started to take photos of my son’s right away so I could see how the pictures would come out. Then after I saw the results, I went just crazy taking photos and videos. However, that is not all this amazing little gem does! You can also take virtual reality photos as well! Yes, you read that right, so imagine being on vacation and taking amazing photos that are virtual reality to share with your friends and family. If you homeschool, you could take photos of amazing places and things to add into your child’s learning experience to make them more fun. There is so much that you can do with this camera, that you will continue to be amazed. Did I also mention that you can connect it to Wifi? Yes, you sure can!

Imagine the photos you can take, the fun you can have sharing them. The videos that you can create to capture those beautiful memories. The virtual reality pictures you can take that will bring your photos to life with the virtual reality headsets. It has so many options that can capture your family and friends in a way that will delight you. I really loved the features that are offered on the Vivitar DVR988 360 Action Camera, the stands, the band that helps you be in the photos that you take.

Now, as I stated that I really do love using the Vivitar DVR988 360 Action Camera. There was only one feature that I do wish it had, a viewing window so that you could see the photos that you took. However, because it takes the 360 videos it makes it hard to add this feature. Since it has lenses on both sides of the camera you have to upload your photos and videos in order to view them. However, I did find that when I did upload the photos I had all the photos that I had wanted to take so it wasn’t a big deal at all that I couldn’t view them right after taking them.

vivitar DVR 988 360 camera top view

The Vivitar DVR988 360 Action Camera would make a great for Christmas, Birthdays, or any time of year. It’s also perfect to purchase for yourself for your photography needs. I’m so thrilled with the photos it has taken as well as the videos. I will also be taking virtual reality photos of our adventures but they will be used for our homeschooling school work as well. You can purchase the Vivitar DVR988 360 Action Camera at Target, Walmart, Staples, Amazon and several other stores.

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