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I received the Valence Game to review. Now, I have to say that I played the game with the creator. He and his wife came up with the game to help kids to learn to love and grasp Chemistry. It’s a card game, it offers a way to learn different ways that elements are used to make bases, Chemicals, and other items.

You are dealt cards, with those cards they each have a number value as well as colors on them, they also tell you if they make a base, Chemical or another item. You then figure out what you have in your hand to create a base to earn points. However, because the game is so fun the kids do not realize that they are learning. They make the game seem like they are almost super powers so it makes it fun for them to learn. They can learn about compounds and when you put them together what they create. But as they are creating they are just having a lot of fun.

I watched a number of children playing Valence and they were all laughing and having a great time playing. When the game was over they wanted to play again. It’s great for ages 9 years old and up to learn. You could have your child know about all the elements, bases, Chemicals as well as other Chemistry before they have it in school. The best part is that you will not have to fight with them to learn them. They will have a great time playing Valence and learning about Chemistry. It’s perfect for a high school student as well if they are having problems with Chemistry but think it’s boring or just have no interest in the subject. They will want to play and learn at the same time! I have to say I am very impressed with Valence and how the game brings Chemistry to a whole new level of fun while still being able to retain the information as well. It would be a great study tool for several students to play as well in a homeschool or classroom setting.

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I played with my son’s and they were also very impressed with Valence. We have Map testing coming up in March so we are using Valence to make sure my son is ready for his testing. There are not many fun ways to learn Chemistry so I thought that Valence was just brilliant to have to make sure your child is learning Chemistry and having fun while learning. You can purchase Valence on Amazon. It would make a great Christmas gift kids to adults or a great gift for a teacher as well.

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