Uno Attack Game Review And Game Giveaway #ChristmasGiftGuide

Uno Attack Game

I received the Uno Attack Game to review with our family. We love the traditional Uno game, we play it all the time, so we were excited to try out the Uno Attack Game. We love having down time to have more time with our family and no screen time.

We got the game out and got it all ready to play. Now, I have to say that my youngest son likes to try to cheat when we play Uno, so I was excited to see how this works and if he would have to stick to the rules. We started to play the game after reading the rules. My son’s and my mom were so excited about playing. So we let my son start us off after we dealt the hands, he played his card and pushed the launcher button and several cards came out to him. Then my other son took his turn and pushed the launcher button and only 1 card came out. As we continued to play everyone was laughing and having a great time.

It was the first time that my youngest wasn’t able to “act” like he picked a card when he didn’t! However, he was having such a great time playing that he didn’t even notice that he couldn’t cheat at the game. The Uno Attack went round and round the table, and as we played it would send it’s cards out to each player. My older son won the game and we all cheered for him. Then we started a new game, I have to say though, my youngest son didn’t cheat, complain when he didn’t win, or stomp off and not want to play the game again. That’s his normal at times when we play games so since he was having so much fun, he forgot about his normal and was ready to play the next game.

We had a blast the whole night playing Uno Attack. We have plans to play a marathon board game day over the Christmas break for the kids. We can hardly wait and are doing a calendar count down with the boys till the fun day. We have been playing Uno Attack on a regular basis though till that day. If your looking for a fun family game then your going to love Uno Attack. The whole family can play and have a fun time! It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the kids on your Christmas shopping list. You can find Uno Attack at all your favorite stores.

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