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I received the Turnspell Game to review. We love to play games that are educational but still have fun spins to the game. We set up Turnspell and we were ready to play. The boys were pretty excited to play as they thought it was going to be an easy game to play as far as you make 4 letter words for the game but they didn’t realize there were some different twists in the game.

Turnspell can be played by 2 to 4 players, it’s for ages 10 and up. Turnspell is made by Mattel, and they have a lot of great games that we have featured in our reviews as well as our Christmas gift guide this Holiday Season. The players will add up the points on the letter tiles just like on the game Scrabble. When a player reaches 44 points they are the winner of the game. Now, if you do not have the letters to make a word you can lose 5 points, exchange a letter and get a new letter from the letter pouch so that you can create a word. As you make words you add up the points on the tiles to get you to the 44 points. If your board fills up you can remove a word and place it back into the letter pouch without losing points.

The boys and I were having a great time playing Turnspell, it’s a little different then other games. You choose letters and place them on the other players boards. All the players play at the same time as well, you do not take turns. However, I really liked that it was 4 letter words so that everyone is playing on the same playing field. So that children and adults can play the game and it can be anyone that wins. So the boys really liked that anyone could win the game. That it wasn’t to hard for them to play and it really worked on their spelling words as well as their math at the same time due to having to add the tiles to reach the 44 points to win the game.

We played the game together and the boys were having so much fun making words and counting the tiles. My older son won the first game and they wanted to play again. We continued to play and we all won a game. It was so much fun for us all to play Turnspell. It is different then scrabble as you make smaller words, the boards are smaller, and you place tiles on the other players boards instead of your own. However, we really liked the different twists of the game. It would make a great gift for any child that loves to play games or you would like to work on their ability to spell words. They can learn how to in a fun way.

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