Toys for Tots: How to sign up and How to donate for the Program

About the USMC Toys for Tots Program

The Toys for Tots program is a charitable endeavor of the United States Marine Corps Reserve. During the fourth quarter of each year, the organization mobilizes to collect unwrapped new toys in communities where Marine Corps Reserve Units are located throughout the United States. It also collects toys in other areas through the assistance of the Marine Corps League Detachment or volunteer Marine veterans as authorized by the Toys for Tots Foundation.

The collected toys are distributed to needy youngsters in the communities where items are collected so that children from families with very limited means will be able to receive a toy at Christmas. The ultimate goal of the program is to bring a happy Christmas to underprivileged children, along with a message of hope to inspire them to ultimately grow to become responsible adult members of society who are both productive and patriotic.

Identifying a Family that Could Benefit from Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots works with a variety of organizations that help identify needy children. These local organizations include local church organizations and other faith based organizations, social services organizations, or any other organization or individual that is in the position to identify a family who could use a little extra Christmas hope. Ways that families are identified include:

* Parents requesting toys for their own children.
* Social workers requesting toys on behalf of their case families.
* Food stamp workers or Food Shares workers requesting food for families.
* Religious clergy can request toys for families that they are aware have a need.
* Other adults such as friends, teachers, or neighbors can request toys for a family that they are aware of needing help.

In general, worthy families that are unable to buy Christmas presents for their own children due to financial hardship are eligible for Toys for Tots.

Request Assistance from Toys for Tots

If you’re like to request that your child – or a child that you know – receive a holiday toy from the Toys for Tots program, you can nominate him or her using the Request a Toy form. on the organization’s website. You’ll need to specify what city and state the child lives in at the time you submit the request.

To Donate to Toys for Tots:

There are usually barrels for toy collections in a lot of the stores that they are collecting Toys for the Toys for Tots Program and you can purchase a New Toy to donate to ensure that every child has a toy to open Christmas Morning. This is a great way to use coupons and get Toys to donate for just a $1-$2 and donate. Toys R US, Babies R US, K-Mart, and other stores are participating in the event and taking toys that are donated for the Toys For Tots program.

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