The Top 3 Durable Dog Toys To Buy For Your Puppy

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Puppies, like babies, also need toys. Aside from the joy toys provide for our beloved furry puppies, they also aid in the strengthening of the jaws and muscles and helps in the adjustment of new puppies, especially when they come from different kennels.

However, you also have to be smart when choosing a toy for your pup. You can’t buy a toy without considering the durability, the hassle of cleaning up after dismembered toys and vet visits that are needed to ensure they did not swallow any of the toy’s materials. You must go after toys that boast of durability, though they might be a little more costly than those less durable ones.

Listed below are the top 3 durable dog toys you would want to buy for your puppy without breaking the bank.

1. Chew Bones

Chew bones aid in the development of your puppy’s strong jaw and teeth. Surprisingly, there is a chew bone depending on age, style, and taste. A nylabone chew bone range from teething puppies to playful dogs that love chewing on their toys.

What makes Nylabone
Nylabone chew bones and products recommended for puppies and dogs alike are the high-quality products proven safe and durable. These products will surely keep your fur babies happy and active. Products range from £6.25 to £29.95. Surely you can make your pups happy without making your pockets cry.

2. Toy Launchers

If your puppy is a very active type, then toy launchers are your best bet. Fling balls and let your little furball run fast. You may not like to play fetch too much because it can be tiring, but with this launcher, you may say goodbye to sore arms. You not only exercise your puppy, but you also get to do a little stretching with this toy.

However, if you still prefer not to break a single sweat while your puppy plays fetch, you may opt to buy an automatic dog ball thrower. These throwers are battery operated so no need for you to lift a finger to keep your puppy happy. It may be a little more expensive because you would have to buy batteries or rechargeable ones. If you have extra, you might want to invest in the model that will allow you to charge the unit itself.

3. Squeaky Toys

Who doesn’t love squeaky toys right? In babies, these toys never fail to elicit infectious giggles. For puppies, well they might not know how to giggle, but they will surely wag their furry tails at the first squeak. Most squeaky toys are also chewable, which make them helpful in alleviating pain on teething pups and helps them keep their teeth strong and clean. Additionally, the squeak will aid in making them alert to sudden sounds. Choose a toy that has a cute design your puppy will love. If you still need convincing, squeaky toys are probably one if not the cheapest toy for them.

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